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100 of My Fandoms
21. Death Note

I was going to write this over vacation because I bought volume 2 for a dollar at a library book sale, but then I didn't. So you're getting it now. :B

Death Note was the fandom that everyone was into when I was in eighth/ninth grade, and I was no exception. I read the first chapter or two slightly earlier, when Shounen Jump ran them (it was actually O.A.'s copy of Shounen Jump, because they stopped delivering to me for like three issues, which was weird). I liked it okay but then kind of forgot about it, until without warning it seemed that everyone else had become obsessed with it when I wasn't looking. So I quickly got myself caught up, and group fangirling became the order of the day. c:

Death Note also bears the distinction of being one of the few animes I've ever actually finished (sharing the title with Prétear, the first three Digimon series, and Ookami-san, and maybe others I forgot). I am bad at watching things okay, mangas are easier. ;_; It helped that Adult Swim was showing the dub, so I had the chunk of time set aside already. Darned decent dub, by the way. Also, I met Brad Swaile once and got him to sign my personal Death Note. :B I've also gotta thank the show for introducing me to Nightmare, my favorite visual-kei band ever (they did the first opening and ending themes). Go listen to my favorite song of theirs if you have a minute. Or better yet, listen to the whole album. Because hnng. Hnng I say.

I don't actually have too much else to say about DN that isn't covered below. Umm. Like a lot of people, I think it suffered a serious quality drop after L died, and I think Misa deserves a lot more credit than fandom likes to give her. One thing, which I gather is a bit unusual, is that I'm not on either Team Light or Team L. I don't agree with Light's methods or especially sympathize with his ideals, but L doesn't do too much for me either. I would just find the guy so annoying after being in a room with him for five minutes. :\ I am on team light goes back to amnesia not evil light and everyone has makeouts. That is the team I am on.

OTP: Obviously it's gotta be L/Light. You can't really be a slash fan in this fandom and not ship L/Light. Even the creators basically ship it. :P I wouldn't say no to putting Misa in there either. You know she'd be cool with it. I also have a giant soft spot for L/Matsuda, which is almost as giant as the adorable doujinshi of them that I also have. c: Ooh, and one-sided Mikami/Light, because that's also pretty much canon. And we can't forget Rem/Misa, which... actually is canon, partially. Poor Rem. :(

Hottest guy: Mello, but only after he acquires the facial scar and the Santa coat. Hot dang son. I bought volume 9 in French solely for this reason, because of course everyone is sexier in French. Also, Light when he lets his hair grow out some and is not evil, and older!Taro from the pilot.

Recommended fanworks: What else could I put here but the My Immortal of Death Note itself, Light and Dark The Adventures of Dark Yagami? Yes, it's a trollfic, but the author actually has an impeccable sense of comedy and timing. Example: " 'I will have to use stealth instead' said L and jumped in the broken window screaming." If you haven't read at least a few chapters of this thing, you're missing out.
HG also wishes me to recommend his doujin, Life Note. I can't vouch for the state of your brain after reading it, though.

Headcanon Irrefutable fact: Near is L's mpreg lovechild. Originally we'd thought he was his lovechild with himself, but O.A. later discovered compelling evidence that Gin Ichimaru was in fact the other parent. Makes sense to me. :B
Also, Light's parents were going through a hippie phase when they had him. Come on, why else would you name your kid the English word for light, written with the character for moon? I mean really. Said phase ended before Sayu came along, of course.
Also, Yuri writes a book post-series entitled I Dated a Kira. It sells reasonably well.
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