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I was tagged for this meme like a month ago and then I forgot about it, I am so sorry .___.;;

Respond to this post with "JEFF" and I will give you five questions to get to know you better. Repost and answer them in your journal. Pass it on, etc.
Questions y'all )
Hopefully I will not take another month to get back to you guys. But I might! :D

Also. Here is another meme I ganked from [ profile] ibbsc. Because I am cool like that.
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And you know what, let's just throw in another meme for the heck of it.


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So I'll put it here: "Hello, my name is Izzy and I'm very smart, although I didn't know how to stop me and my friends from being turned into keychains!"

Last night I had the slashiest dream. Aragorn/Boromir: mmm.

The night before last I didn't get to sleep until after 2:00 AM (I think I had too much caffeine before bed). So when I was lying awake really bored-like, I thought of this summary for Grease:

Over the summer, two high-schoolers, Sandy and Danny, meet and fall in love. When they go back to school, Sandy, an inherently good girl, becomes fed up with Danny's denying their relatonship to further his bad-boy reputation. Or something like that. But really, with a soundtrack like this, who cares about the plot? There are so many catchy musical numbers that you hopefully won't even notice the incredible immorality of the moral at the end. So watch Grease - or better yet, just buy the soundtrack.

Like I said, I was really bored. :P I've often wanted to see Danny Fenton playing Danny Zucco. I wonder who his Sandy would be? ;)
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OMG 40th post! And you know what that means! Well, actually, it doesn't mean anything. But I'm going to do another quiz post because I feel like it.

Loose end, loose end cut cut )

Yeah, it started out as being just Danny Phantom quizzes, but I couldn't find enough of those. ^^;;

Oh, and I also got a deviantART account, but don't bother checking it out - it's got nothing on it since my STUPID COMPUTER won't let me upload any of my pictures. *glowers*

EDIT: I had to post this meme (stolen from Lynx).

that [CENSORED] [ profile] enders_girl gone and said that they saw me talking to [ profile] kazekageshad and talking crap about [ profile] hoyvinglavin64. Don't let me hear about that again or I'm going 2 whup [CENSORED]!

Oh and this afternoon was my birthday and nobody noticed or gave me presents or wished me happy birthday :-(.

What sucks is that [ profile] tymaporer said they wanted to play Grand Theft Auto but they didn't show up :-(.

And also Why does [ profile] iharthdarth keep posting images in their journal?! I keep telling them I'm on a modem! I'm going to unfriend them to teach them a lesson!!!!!!!!!!

This entry automatically generated by the LJ Drama Generator!

Ender you bad person. :P This afternoon was not actually my birthday, so that part's not surprising. Why would Tyma want to play GTA? And iharthdarth posts images in their journal becuase it's a comic, duh. *eyeroll*

This is the third time I've typoed "because" in this journal.
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I did some stuff this weekend but I waited too long so now I don't remember it too well so I can't talk about it. x_x And I friended [ profile] abc_icons because I wanted to feel like I had more friends. And because it's a cool community. I had friended [ profile] 10variations, but I had to unfriend it becuase all the posts were clogging my friendslist and the big pictures were murder on my dial-up. Still a good comm though.

Everyone was going off on me today at school because I drew a Gaara/Lee picture. Shad and Raven hated the thought of Gaara with anyone else, O.A. just can't imagine Lee with anybody (except me, apparently), and I'm not sure why Maddog didn't like it, but she didn't. Then there were the homophobes who were just "EWW BOYS KISSING." To quote HG, stupid homophobes. I dunno why everyone hates the ship. It's so dang cute! I think I've found a new OTP. (Yes, I'm aware that that makes three OTPs. Shut up.)

Relatedly, I think I need a Naruto guy. I mean, Shad has Gaara, Raven has Sasuke and Gaara, Maddog has Kakashi, Freeglader has Sasori, Rekka has Orochimaru, and O.A. has that Kimimario guy. (She used to have Kabuto, but Rekka made her give him up so she could kill him. Everyone seems to hate the poor helmet-head for some reason.) But I've never really felt strongly about any of them. O.A. thinks I like Lee, but I'm just not sure. He's adorable and all, but I don't know if he's the type of guy I want to spend the rest of my life with. Maybe I should listen to Rekka and define my parameters, but it really depends on the guy, dunnit.

In happier news, we got a printer. And I was in fact able to watch "Reality Trip", albeit a rerun. Most of it was pretty good, but dude, dei ex machinis are not your friend. Well, off to study some more. Or not.


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