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Ughh, I'm sorry for being dead to LJ for the past week. It's true what they say about Tumblr being a timesuck. It's all true. ;_; It's nice to have a way to kill a few hours, but that becomes a few hours every day and you have this need to go through your entire dashboard or else you'll feel like you missed something forever. I hope I can find a way to cut back, because I'd really enjoy not feeling like I wasted my entire day every day. ;___;

(Any tips to that end, btw?)

On the bright side, it is an excellent way to find fanart of obscure fandoms/characters/pairings you like. Just stick the name of a series in the search bar for example and oh god look at all the Prétear stuff they have. I would be so tempted to rewatch it if I didn't have enough things to watch already (that I'm never going to get to ;_;).

Speaking of. So I've started watching Baccano! recently, first with [ profile] hoyvinglavin64 and then with [ profile] ocelotofdoom. You know what everyone says about it being a great show with an amazing dub? Yeah, that's true too. The New York accents. ♥ And oh my god, the characters. Basically, I am in love with Isaac and Miria. I want to be Isaac and Miria when I grow up. (Yes both of them shut up.) I do not know if it is possible to have a crush on a relationship, but every time they're onscreen I find myself squeeing just as hard as I would if it were some dude I was into in something else. So. :|a Also Jacuzzi Splot is my spirit animal.

Ughh I have been neglecting the meme too I am so sorry. I would feel bad shoving seven questions into one day, though; it worked for the song meme, but not so much for this, I think. So I'm just going to say I shoved it a week back, and hopefully I'll be able to catch up more daily in the future.

Day 04: Favourite digital monster. )
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And now we come to the other part of the new names: the Elite Four and Subway Bosses.

You ready for this? )

On another note, I know the dub's been out since forever, but I just found these clips of Grell's dub voice the other day. Swooooon. Love it, perfect, amazing, et cetera. Not too crazy about "Bassy" (né Sebby) but the rest is spot-on. Also love all the added Romeo and Juliet paraphrasing (at least, I don't think all that was in the original). I need to get my hands on these DVDs... in a couple of years once the price goes down. x_x
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I promised [ profile] alacranita I'd do a post of foreign Disney song recs, so here it is. yaaaaay
Spoiler: Norwegian Tarzan rules )
Man that took a while. Also I thought I had more songs than this. :|

And, uh, look at what I found while doing this:

Looks like Japanese Fropin is canon. :B

Not much else to report. Worrying about college is taking up most of my time. Also, joined VDex. You know, that Pokémon thing. I doubt I'll keep up with it, but it's fun currently. Obligatory link to my dudes:
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Otakon report! (WARNING: LONG) )

So all in all, Otakon was pretty awesome. ^_^

Loot! )

A meme! (LESS LONG) )

I think this entry has set the record for most tags in a post on my LJ.

Day 15

Jul. 24th, 2010 05:15 pm
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15. Character you’d want to cook for you )

Yesterday I was listening to Disney songs in languages, but mostly Icelandic. Today it is languages, but mostly Dutch. Here are a couple good ones I found: Recs and commentary! )

Maybe sometime I should do a post of foreign Disney recs, like my one of YTP recs. I'm sure anyone would read it.
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I'm back! :D

7. Character you have most in common with )

8. Character you look like the most )

9. Character you’d bring home to your parents )

Also, there is nothing I don't love about the Hetalia dub clips. Except the lack of the name "Little Italy" for Chibitalia. But that is minor. They are wonderful. ACCEEEEEEEEENTS
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Watching Slayers (the dub, anyway) is such a surreal experience because the male lead has Brock's voice. Like, exactly Brock's voice. But that just makes it that much better. I can't believe I never watched this show before, it's super fun. I really have to watch the rest sometime.

Also, even after so many years, I would still totally marry JCA. (The first two seasons, at least.) I don't even care that marriage between humans and cartoon shows is probably illegal everywhere (except maybe Guam). That show. <3

...I think I'm joking. Maybe. I hope.
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And of course I start watching Bleach again the week after the last Szayel episode before the filler arc. :| I watched it anyway, but mainly for Halibel and her hot Fracción. Mira Rose's voice is a thing of beauty. *_* Now, off to find the Szayel episodes on YouTube.

Yes, I know it's "Mila Rose". It's also "Harribel". (And "Sanderwicci".) Don't make me give up on my dreams, okay? D:

Also, I didn't think it was possible, but I may have found a Disney dub to rival Norwegian Tarzan: European Spanish Nightmare Before Christmas. I am seriously considering buying this CD. I haven't even seen the whole thing in English yet. :|

While we're on the subject, had an incredibly trippy Kingdom Hearts dream last night. I really need to lay off that game for a while.
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Things that have made me ridiculously happy in the past 24 (more or less) hours:
- Hetalia Day 2009 with my dork friends
- Seeing the Astro Boy movie immediately afterward with said dork friends
- Szayel's dub voice fffffff
- The answer to the New York Times acrostic (if you've done it you'll know why)

Also, I have been playing Pokémon Ranger: Shadows of Almia a whole lot lately. (And I still have to actually pay Momo for it at some point. ._.;;) I really like this game. It's not a "true" Pokémon game, sure, but it's gotten me to care about the storyline and characters more than any other Pokémon game's done. And the writing is hilarious. If any Pokémon fans out there are looking for something to occupy themselves while waiting for HG/SS, you could really do a lot worse.
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On the bright side, the voices are perfect, especially Dondochakka's. Well, I'm still not in love with Grimmjow's, or the fact that his name is pronounced "Greemjow", and Nel's voice sounds a little too old for her, but whatever. At least we finally got to hear Szayel, whose voice I am going to marry, kthx. :B
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Ponyo's hot dad is so hot --

"How hot is he?"

Ponyo's hot dad is so hot that my bookmark folder for him contains only 8 fewer pages than my one for SPHFWLKaiB. Which is quite a feat. Although I don't generally go specifically looking for pictures of SPHFWLKaiB, and there are a lot more likely to be multiple pictures of him to a page. So I guess it's not that impressive. And yes, I know I am probably the only person who thinks Ponyo's hot dad is hot. Whatever. He has nice hair.

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I'm sorry, but if Hetalia does the entirety of "Cleaning Out the Storage" in English with those godawful accents, I may have to watch it on mute or something. Which is a shame, because it's a really powerful scene. It's like, I mean, I guess it makes sense to have countries actually speaking their own language, but then if they can't actually speak it very well, it's a little hard to suspend disbelief. Plus, why isn't Lithuania speaking Lithuanian then? "THEN I'LL GO MAKE SOME. COFFEE FOR YOU" indeed.

Also, Sato finally evolved. Just, y'know, if anyone cared. Also I hit 200 hours, and caught Cresselia, and discovered the wonders of the Underground. The Wonder Underground. Currently trying to get all the fossil Pokés - I've got Omanyte, Kabuto and Lileep so far. Lol I don't know why I'm going on about Pokémon. Probably because I forgot how to actually say anything important. :|

OH WAIT. Somehow I didn't know before about this, but the Haruhi Suzumiya dub dubbed God Knows. And it sounds good. Yes. YES. I love you dubs.
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Another random unrelated stuff post, aren't those fun? :B

Don't you hate it when you're rereading fanfics you used to like years ago, and it turns out they're filled with gratuitous fangirl Japanese? Yeah, me too.

Almost directly related, in my youth I had a crush on Vegeta for a time, and afterwards I could never remember what it was I saw in him. Well, I just figured it out: Chris Sabat's voice. Seriously, compare. 1999 version (which, yes, is Chris Sabat, but imitating Brian Drummond)? Thoroughly unattractive, actually kinda freaky. 2007 version? INSTANT HOTNESS *_*. *goes off to watch more DBZ*

Also, another hot guy topic (look at me actually connecting my random stuff, whee). Serious question here: why does everyone hate Szayel so much? This cut contains SPHFWLKaiB-related whining. )

To wrap up: here, have another Phoenix Wright: The Musical song. It's been stuck in my head recently and I love Cody's singing.
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Oh, man. This was a terrible week for homework. And sleep. The most sleep I got was six hours. And it doesn't look like this weekend will be much better. A long weekend and everything. D: D: D:

But somewhere in the middle of all this madness I did get to watch the first episode of the Ouran dub (yes, late Vethie is late orz). Now, normally I don't have quite as high standards for dubs as some people do, but even still I was very impressed. Holy crap this review is long. )

And speaking of dubs... (ALSO KOREA WHAT) )
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Guys guys guys

I assume you already know this but

Kamina's Japanese voice actor is America (from Hetalia). Also he is Snorlax.
Kamina's English voice actor is Aizen.

EPIC y/n/potatoes?

(In the preceding sentence, please read the word "potatoes" as spoken here. That's how I was thinking it when I wrote it.)


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