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So in an awesome stroke of coincidence, my Graham wig and coveralls both arrived yesterday! This is especially awesome because the wig was being shipped from Hong Kong and wasn't scheduled to get here until tomorrow at the earliest (and the Wednesday after the con at the latest). Now I'm really glad I didn't pay for that expedited shipping. :P So now all I have to do is finish the wrench, pin the coveralls (which are way too big), and find some boots. And Connecticon is only 10 days from now! I'm excited. :D

Also, Wandering Son has supposedly finally shipped! Which... is a pretty big deal, considering I'd been waiting for it for almost six months. :| Of course, I can't celebrate just yet, seeing as I was an idiot and accidentally had it shipped to my school address instead of my home one. Luckily, I can pick it up when we're in the area this summer, but still, that was pretty dumb. Even for me. (In my defense, would you have expected it to actually ship before the end of the summer?)

On another note, Genkaku Picasso is an amazing manga. I've just finished the series (only 3 volumes!) and oh man, so good. In one chapter a yaoi fangirl learns that it's totally okay to be a yaoi fangirl, as long as you don't let your fantasies get in the way of your real life (and spoilers for the chapter )). More significantly, in another chapter there's a trans character who is judged at first, but once her classmates learn about her situation, they're totally okay with her and don't have a problem referring to her by her preferred name and gender from then on. Maybe that's on the unrealistic side, but it's always nice to see nuanced trans characters in Japanese media, and also it's really sweet. Heck, the whole series is sweet like that; it's one of those heartwarming weird-outsider-kid-ends-up-gathering-a-bunch-of-friends-who-accept-and-like-them affairs that I'm a sucker for (see: Kimi ni Todoke, 7 Billion Needles). Heartwarming wrapped up in occasional disturbing, true, but with Usamaru Furuya, really, what can you expect. :P BASICALLY YOU GUYS SHOULD READ IT okay.

I've also been playing a lot of Sims 3 lately - or at least trying to, since it turns my computer into a slow piece of crap half the time. Finally started a legacy, which is something I've been wanting to do since forever. At some point I'll have to install a mod so I can get more than 8 people in the house, which... I have no idea how to do and am somewhat worried about. @_@ But my founder and his girlfriend only just got married, so I figure there's time yet.

Now I'm going to knock out a couple days on this meme, since at the rate I've been posting I'll be lucky to finish this before school starts again. x_x No picspams today, sorry, considering the nature of the questions.

Day 12: Least favourite digital monster. )

Day 13: Least favourite character. )

Day 14: Least favourite season. )

Oh, also I have a job interview on Thursday, which is pretty cool. I doubt I'll get in, but I will try~!
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I bet you all thought you were done with seeing Pokémon rosters on your flists! >:D


Pokémon talk! )

Non-Pokémon things: I think it is Vethie Talks About Manga She Has Been Reading time again. Well okay, technically it is a manhwa but whatever. Basically I started reading Change Guy/Quantum Mistake a couple weeks ago and it is pretty amazing. Yes it is a bodyswap that is actually not most of the reason I like it okay. It is the characters, mainly, especially the protagonist. So adorkable. ♥ There are also some pretty dudes if that is your thing. It's pretty darn funny too, or at least, I think so. Went and bought a copy of the English version, because that is how I roll, and it was a very nice translation. I wish they'd done more volumes, or if they have, that I could find them anywhere. :x Basically, this is another thing you guys should read okay.

Speaking of translation, a couple quick bad translation things recs. I am making my way through a Let's Play of Pokémon Vietnamese Crystal and this thing needs a fandom or something, man, it is so great. It's also kind of refreshing to see the reckless way these guys play. I'm so used to rushing back to the Pokémon center at any sign of danger that it's an exciting change to see them powering through three trainers in a row with their Pokémon nearly fainted. Also Yu-Gi-Oh fans should follow this tumblr because it's hilarious.

Umm more stuff also. I am guessing the Homestickers on my flist have seen this already, but we have a stamping comm now: [ profile] homestamp. So if you weren't aware of it before, you are now. Go forth! Be stamped! Vote on me!
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Happy Kwanzaa! Sorry I haven't been on much recently. Came home a week ago, spent the time between then and now mostly trying to beat my sleep schedule into shape. It partially worked. Hopefully I will not sleep through my birthday. :B

Also merry belated Christmas have some ramblings about Pokémon games and yaoi! )

Also guess what a meme. Stolen from [ profile] lacie whoop whoop

I'm thinking of ten characters from fandoms people should know I'm in. Try to guess them by asking yes or no questions!

6. Eridan Ampora ([ profile] birdboy2000)
8. Grell Sutcliff ([ profile] kazekageshad)
11. DARTH MAUL ([ profile] tymaporer)

Come on guys. :D

And since the year is almost over, here is my Time Capsule Meme thread again, if anyone else wants to post in it. :B
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Hey guise. I've had craploads of homework recently, which is why I haven't been updating for the past couple weeks. :( But now that it has let up a bit I am posting! yaaaay

Here are the latest books I've been reading. )

Halloween and troll transvestism. )

Also this weekend Yuki and I are going to New England Webcomics Weekend! (Hopefully, anyway.) Oh man look at that guest list. Andrew Hussie + Kate Beaton + Anthony Clark + Jeph Jacques + Jess Fink + ???? = !!!! If anyone else is going on Saturday I will be the one in the Gamzee shirt with the Grell glasses chain, so say hi! :D

(And you know that Shakespeare extra-credit project I was doing? The teacher just upgraded it to a regular credit project that will replace our final essay. :D :D :D Such a load off my mind I don't even. High school AU, awaaaaay~!)

</so boring>
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Translation of last post. )

So now I will talk about manga.

Seven Days volume 1 came in the mail yesterday. I ordered it back in August, on the recommendation of... someone on f!s, I think. That is basically where I get all my stuff to read. ._. Anyway, I wasn't disappointed. It's a shounen-ai with a sweet story, realistic characters and an incredibly cute art style. Nothing earth-shattering, but cute. I pass along the recommendation.

Now, of course, I need something else to wait for. So I ordered the first volume of Futaba-kun Change after reading a few chapters online. I'm now seven volumes in and really liking this manga. Yes, it's a gender-bender with kind of an ecchi premise (guy turns into a girl when he's aroused), but it's really not as bad as it sounds. It ends up being more of a character-driven comedy. What I'm trying to say is, if I wasn't put off by it, you probably won't be either. :P And it's cute. The whole thing's online here if you want to check it out. (Warning: a fair bit of toplessness.)

Also rereading Saint Young Men again, because, well, it's Saint Young Men. I just wish more of it would hurry up and get translated. D: If any of you haven't read/don't know of it: Jesus. Buddha. Roommates. If that's not enough to get you to read, it's also really funny. I've read it twice before and it still makes me laugh. I'd be remiss not to provide a link I guess.

Wow, all my posts talking about things I read turn into rec posts, don't they. Anyway, to close on a different note, Hourou Musuko's English release date got pushed back two more months. Why am I not surprised. =_=;; The current prospective release is in April, but don't get too attached to that one either. I just wish I knew what was the reason for all the delay. I WANT MY WANDERING SON DANG IT.
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I've started reading this new manga called 7 Billion Needles. It is excellent and I am glad I was talked into buying it. The protagonist is a girl who would get along really, really well with Neku from TWEWY. Or maybe they would not because they both hate people. But they have the exact same mindset and the headphones to go with it. I would tell you about the plot but I'm not sure how much I can describe or should spoil. It is part freaky and part sweet and part awesome though. The only problem is that there are three more volumes to buy and I am but a poor college student. :(

I have given up on the Yu-Gi-Oh TCG for the time being. I have, however, gotten a fair bit better at the Pokémon TCG and even formed a semi-decent deck. I've even beaten people. :B Hit me up if you want to play me on Lackey, anyone.

Okay that is enough words. Have a wallpaper meme! (stolen from [ profile] wraithi (again))
01. Anyone who looks at this entry has to post this meme and their current wallpaper at their LJ.
02. Explain in five sentences why you're using that wallpaper!
03. Don't change your wallpaper before doing this! The point is to see what you had on.

Now that I am on a computer where I actually change my wallpaper... )

...wait that is not the kind of meme that people can participate in. HAVE THIS ONE TOO (stolen from [ profile] ludwig)

Leave a comment with the name of a series/fandom and I will tell you which people on my flist (including myself?) I'd choose to play the roles of the main characters. If there are a lot of main characters, tell me which groups/characters you'd prefer that I cast.


e: ALSO HI [ profile] cheshirecgrin YOU ARE MY FRIEND NOW

Day 13

Jul. 22nd, 2010 11:13 pm
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13. Character you’d go camping with )

I am loving the fact that the English release of Bleach changed Fornicarás' name. It's not even in English in the first place. No one is going to care. :P Also it is very sad about scanlation sites dying. ;_;
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Really late post ftw.

Rereading Oh My Goddess (after, what, five years?). Currently on volume 10. I'd forgotten how much I love this manga. It's so emotional and really sweet and original and I just... I love it so much. I'd definitely classify it as one of my favorites of all time. It doesn't help that the art is so good, either. That hair. :|

Also, ever hear of Pixlr? If not, go ahead and click on that. I'll wait.
Okay, so, isn't that amazing? It's Photoshop. In your browser. I am going to get so much more art done from now on.

Also unrelatedly. I love how my OCs always turn out so hot when other people draw them. I guess this means I'm good at creating hot characters. :P
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Is it so hard to find one JCA fic that's in character, well-written and not about OCs?

...I guess it is. :\

(It doesn't help that all the pairings I ship are incredibly wrong and thus even harder to find goodfic of. But I'm really not picky at this point.)

Also some kind of anime archetype meme )
Somehow my results don't surprise me.

Also, Kimi ni Todoke is basically the most uplifting manga I've ever read. Like, it should be illegal to be that heartwarming. Fffffff.
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The Chronicles of Narnia is actually a really good movie. I turned it on yesterday just to have something to watch while I ate lunch, but I ended up getting so engrossed that I watched the whole thing through to the end. I wonder if Prince Caspian is any good. Maybe I should check it out sometime.

Also, every time I read One Piece I feel like I've just consumed liquid awesome. And it's not even made of liquid. So that's how awesome it is.

Yeah, I'm definitely feeling better today than I was at this time last week. But I'm still tired. =_=;;

Also. You know about the earthquake in Haiti, I assume? Well, it seems people in fandom are raising money to help out, by means of an auction over at [ profile] help_haiti. Of special interest is the art post, where you have the chance to get a commission from some very talented artists. I'm going to try and get together some money to bid, and I encourage you to do the same, if possible. It's for a good cause.
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I like Vampire Knight a whole lot. It takes it in turns to be really pretty and really adorable. Here is some of the stuff volume 6 contains:

- Canon straight romance (shocking)
- Canon gay romance (Aido's thing for Kaname is adorable)
- Subtexty lesbian romance (SOMEONE FIC YUKI/YORI NOW PLEASE PLEASE)
- Actual more girls
- Absurdly pretty hair
- Way-too-adorable kids
- Stupidly attractive administrators
- Amnesia
- Hot 19th century fashions*
- Unusually deep feelings
- A situation involving a heterochromic child with paralyzing kiss powers which may or may not all be an elaborate plot to get close to a girl

* It's no coincidence that all the hot presidents came from the 19th century.

Also I got Scribblenauts. It is a fun game if you have an imagination. And yes, the first thing I attempted to write was "Rickroll". (Spoiler: it works.)
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Who do I have to petition to get Hourou Musuko an English release?

Seriously. I've just finished reading what's out so far, and it's amazing. Far and away the most realistic portrayal of transgenderism I've ever seen in manga. More people need to know about it.

(Although, even though there doesn't seem to be much in the way of an online fandom, there's surprisingly a crapton of good fanart over at DeviantART. Which is awesome.)
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So I've started reading this incredibly adorable manga. It's called Hourou Musuko, and it's a slice-of-life about two transgendered kids. I'm really into it, and I'm not usually this into mangas I read online. So. Yeah. *goes off to read it some more*

Nothing else to report except school started. Fmrrr.
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Apparently I have some internet on this vacation. I must use these powers for good!

...And by good I apparently mean whining about Shonen Jump. Eh, close enough.

So, SPHFWLKaiB finally showed up in Bleach. You can probably imagine my reaction. But. Butbutbut. They spelled his name as one word - Szayelaporro, like that. I know that's probably closer to the original, and since the speech bubbles are so narrow it shows up as hyphenated anyway, which is almost like two words. So I really have no reason to be upset about this. But idk, man, I just think it looks dumb. Some other spellings they have that bug me are "Nnoitora" (I know it's not that different, but still) and (are you ready for this one?) "Cirucci Sanderwicci". Sanderwicci? What is she, a BLT? Dude, "Thunderwitch" is possibly the coolest last name ever. You can't screw that up. D: You know what, I think I am just going to be one of those people I hate who ignores canon and spells people's names however she darn well pleases. Like heck I'm giving up "Thunderwitch".

While I'm here, I suppose I should say something briefly about the other mangas in Shonen Jump. Because I can.

Naruto: I really like how Naruto calls Yondaime "Pa". They could have gone with "Dad" so easily, but I like "Pa" better. It gives him character. And it's cute. Pain was a cute kid.

One Piece: Nami/Vivi is so canon. Mr. 2 Bon-chan is amazing.

Ultimo: O.A. must love this series. There is no way Jealousy is a boy.

Yu Yu Hakusho: Natsume is surprisingly attractive. I like seeing all those people from forever ago.

Tegami Bachi: I would probably like this series better if the people didn't have such stupid names. Two words: Jiggy Pepper. Niche makes it worth reading, though. She's great. Also I like the term "Letter Bee". Reminds me of Smellerbee. Or Linda Ellerbee.

Yu-Gi-Oh! GX: I don't care.

Also I am going to see Wicked tonight yay.


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