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So in an awesome stroke of coincidence, my Graham wig and coveralls both arrived yesterday! This is especially awesome because the wig was being shipped from Hong Kong and wasn't scheduled to get here until tomorrow at the earliest (and the Wednesday after the con at the latest). Now I'm really glad I didn't pay for that expedited shipping. :P So now all I have to do is finish the wrench, pin the coveralls (which are way too big), and find some boots. And Connecticon is only 10 days from now! I'm excited. :D

Also, Wandering Son has supposedly finally shipped! Which... is a pretty big deal, considering I'd been waiting for it for almost six months. :| Of course, I can't celebrate just yet, seeing as I was an idiot and accidentally had it shipped to my school address instead of my home one. Luckily, I can pick it up when we're in the area this summer, but still, that was pretty dumb. Even for me. (In my defense, would you have expected it to actually ship before the end of the summer?)

On another note, Genkaku Picasso is an amazing manga. I've just finished the series (only 3 volumes!) and oh man, so good. In one chapter a yaoi fangirl learns that it's totally okay to be a yaoi fangirl, as long as you don't let your fantasies get in the way of your real life (and spoilers for the chapter )). More significantly, in another chapter there's a trans character who is judged at first, but once her classmates learn about her situation, they're totally okay with her and don't have a problem referring to her by her preferred name and gender from then on. Maybe that's on the unrealistic side, but it's always nice to see nuanced trans characters in Japanese media, and also it's really sweet. Heck, the whole series is sweet like that; it's one of those heartwarming weird-outsider-kid-ends-up-gathering-a-bunch-of-friends-who-accept-and-like-them affairs that I'm a sucker for (see: Kimi ni Todoke, 7 Billion Needles). Heartwarming wrapped up in occasional disturbing, true, but with Usamaru Furuya, really, what can you expect. :P BASICALLY YOU GUYS SHOULD READ IT okay.

I've also been playing a lot of Sims 3 lately - or at least trying to, since it turns my computer into a slow piece of crap half the time. Finally started a legacy, which is something I've been wanting to do since forever. At some point I'll have to install a mod so I can get more than 8 people in the house, which... I have no idea how to do and am somewhat worried about. @_@ But my founder and his girlfriend only just got married, so I figure there's time yet.

Now I'm going to knock out a couple days on this meme, since at the rate I've been posting I'll be lucky to finish this before school starts again. x_x No picspams today, sorry, considering the nature of the questions.

Day 12: Least favourite digital monster. )

Day 13: Least favourite character. )

Day 14: Least favourite season. )

Oh, also I have a job interview on Thursday, which is pretty cool. I doubt I'll get in, but I will try~!
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Well, I finally beat the Elite Four in Pokémon Black, which I think is a pretty good reason for GETTING OFF MY BUTT AND POSTING EVER. Team:

lv. 52
lv. 51
lv. 51
lv. 52
lv. 51
lv. 50

with special guest member

lv. 51

I hope there is enough stuff to do afterward to keep me occupied for a while. As for the story, I don't want to spoil anything, but I did end up getting attached to N. He's not such a bad kid, all things considered. And no, I'm not just saying that because of how much I like the Black/White/N threesome. Ash/Iris/Cilan is better anyway.

My life otherwise is exceedingly uninteresting lately. Found out today I had an ear infection, which is about as exciting as it's been. No luck in the job search so far, though admittedly I haven't found very many places I can apply to. Otherwise, I've mostly just been reading TV Tropes and playing Pokémon for the past few days. Haven't even been checking tumblr. That's when you know things are boring.

I have, however, become quite obsessed with fanmixes recently. At some point it hit me that I can download the darn things, since I don't have to be afraid of downloading things from the internet anymore. And so I have been. A few to recommend, if I may:
Names - Homestuck, Dave/John (companion to the beautiful fic You Are Dave Strider and the sequel thereto)
Our Summer Skin - Hetalia, Spain/Belgium (very soft and summery and pretty and oh look also it is one of my hetalia otps)
Don't Be Afraid - Baccano, Jacuzzi Splot (jacccccuuuuuuuuuzzzzzzziiiii)

And I'll be lucky if I finish this meme before this month's out. :|

Day 08: Favourite couple. (WARNING: image-heavy) )

[ profile] theditz, keep an eye out - I found some more Ladd/Claire where I found some of these, and shall be updating my folder soon.

Oh right, also a thing I did was I had an anniversary on Monday. That was pretty cool I guess. ♥
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I bet you all thought you were done with seeing Pokémon rosters on your flists! >:D


Pokémon talk! )

Non-Pokémon things: I think it is Vethie Talks About Manga She Has Been Reading time again. Well okay, technically it is a manhwa but whatever. Basically I started reading Change Guy/Quantum Mistake a couple weeks ago and it is pretty amazing. Yes it is a bodyswap that is actually not most of the reason I like it okay. It is the characters, mainly, especially the protagonist. So adorkable. ♥ There are also some pretty dudes if that is your thing. It's pretty darn funny too, or at least, I think so. Went and bought a copy of the English version, because that is how I roll, and it was a very nice translation. I wish they'd done more volumes, or if they have, that I could find them anywhere. :x Basically, this is another thing you guys should read okay.

Speaking of translation, a couple quick bad translation things recs. I am making my way through a Let's Play of Pokémon Vietnamese Crystal and this thing needs a fandom or something, man, it is so great. It's also kind of refreshing to see the reckless way these guys play. I'm so used to rushing back to the Pokémon center at any sign of danger that it's an exciting change to see them powering through three trainers in a row with their Pokémon nearly fainted. Also Yu-Gi-Oh fans should follow this tumblr because it's hilarious.

Umm more stuff also. I am guessing the Homestickers on my flist have seen this already, but we have a stamping comm now: [ profile] homestamp. So if you weren't aware of it before, you are now. Go forth! Be stamped! Vote on me!
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Well, it's been a while. That is me for you.

Pokémon update:
(lv. 35)

Had to cut this because it was getting long but you should definitely read my rambles about my pokémon also mustache dog )

So um. I will try to keep this brief because I know some people are sick of hearing me talk about it, but I am kind of hooked on ponies. FRIENDSHIP IS MAGIC IS SO GOOD OKAY @_@ You know how I don't cry at most fictional things? This show has me tearing up like no one's business. It's not even sad, it's just... heartwarming, I guess. So much friendship ♥ My favorite is Rainbow Dash because she is awesome and Buttercup, but I also like Fluttershy because she is me and Applejack because dat personality and dem freckles. <3 Not that I don't love the other three too, of course. And Spike. I love Spike. He's adorable. Anyway I just thought I would let you know that I am now whatever the female version of a brony is. (A sisny?) *draws human ponies because that is what you do*

Also [ profile] help_japan continues to have amazing artists and bidding is open until the end of the month so I encourage you again to buy some stuff and help out! As long as you don't outbid me. :P

(Okay one last thing. Saw my high school's production of My Fair Lady with Tyma the other night. Good music, good acting, terrible ending, and oh my god there was so much Higgins/Pickering slash potential. "Why can't a woman be like you?" indeed. :D Tyma also suggested Higgins/Pickering/Eliza OT3, which I quite approve of. Somehow Higgins/Eliza is more bearable in that context, especially if they still hate each other. :B

Also I saw Daniel Radcliffe in How To Succeed in Business last week. Sooo coool man *_*)
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First of all, that earthquake/tsunami in Japan, oh geez. I know I promote aid auction communities all the time, but please check out [ profile] help_japan. You can get some art/fic/icons/baked goods/etc., and Japan can get some help. x_x

Now I guess I'll talk about my Pokémon team.
Tim Burton

I did end up catching some more males eventually, but Zeb is the only one other than Seymour on my team right now. The rest are all girls, even Tim Burton. Planning to switch her out for my Scraggy after this gym, though. I love Timmy, but her evolutions are ugly as sin, and come on, pantslizard.

Also had been using Kendra, my Whirlipede, up until recently, but she just didn't add anything to the team in terms of attacks or typing, so I went and replaced her with Sandra because electric gym. I feel bad, but you do what you have to do.

Also realized the problem with being all excited about a certain grass Pokémon... and having a grass starter. x_x I really want to raise a Whimsicott, but I dislike repeating types, and I never box my starter. Maybe after the Elite Four. ;_;

[Error: unknown template qotd]
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This seems like as good a time as any to talk about Pokémon Black! :D So after a harrowing bus trip and a ridiculous amount of rain, I was finally able to sit down and play for a couple hours. I've only just beaten the first gym and caught my sixth Pokémon, so this is my team right now:

Seymour, lv. 11
Lily, lv. 10
Patrice, lv. 10
Zara, lv. 10
Salina, lv. 11
Miina, lv. 10

yes I know it is the most basic team you can have shut up. I'm mainly just amused by the fact that all of them except Seymour are girls. He's accumulating himself quite the harem. :P I wonder how long it will be until I catch another dude. He will be the gay option.

Thoughts on the game itself: I strongly dislike the translation. All the dialogue seems so awkward and forced. Bring back Nob Ogasawara please. ;_; Not a huge fan of the graphics either, though I suppose I'll get used to them eventually. But the whole 3D, dynamic camera thing just... doesn't feel like Pokémon to me. Also Poké Mart in Pokémon Center and reusable TMs wuuut ruined forever. But I'm aware I'm just whining, so, anyway. Time to get in another hour or so before bed. :B

EDIT: Oh man, they finally made the Pokémon's eyes close when they fall asleep. Coolness estimation revised slightly upward.
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And now we come to the other part of the new names: the Elite Four and Subway Bosses.

You ready for this? )

On another note, I know the dub's been out since forever, but I just found these clips of Grell's dub voice the other day. Swooooon. Love it, perfect, amazing, et cetera. Not too crazy about "Bassy" (né Sebby) but the rest is spot-on. Also love all the added Romeo and Juliet paraphrasing (at least, I don't think all that was in the original). I need to get my hands on these DVDs... in a couple of years once the price goes down. x_x
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I continue to be caught up with most of my responsibilities. It is a ridiculous feeling. I am taking this chance while I still have some homework for tomorrow to procrastinate and LJ post. Can't let myself get too complacent.

So now I will talk about a topic very near and dear to my heart: gym leader names. As many of you know, the English names of the Gen V gym leaders (and a couple other characters) were recently released and confirmed by several reputable sources. Although Bulbapedia, the be all and end all, has not yet confirmed them, they're looking pretty official. Personally, I have mixed feelings, but mainly negative ones, which I will elaborate upon in this very journal!

Cut for those who want to be surprised when the games come out. )

In conclusion, stupid new translation company.

Speaking of Pokémon, I'm almost done with the requests from last post. Sure were a lot of Electric Pokémon. :B Requests are still open if anyone wants one! Just putting that out there.

Okay now I will do homework. Or eat, or something.
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Folks from f!s friending meme ([ profile] digivolution, [ profile] t_funster, [ profile] tadashi_chan): HI NEW FRIENDS :B I'm planning on going back through and trying to add some more people, so expect a HI NEW FRIENDS PART 2 at some point later I guess, but I hope you guys can hang out while waiting for the rest of 'em to get here. So yes, this is an example of a typical post from me! Also I don't think I've posted it here before, but I'm vethica on AIM too if you or anyone else wants to message me. It's always nice to add people to my woefully small buddy list.

So, sorry for not having been updating. Haven't had too much to talk about, I guess. While I was home my life was being eaten by The Sims 3 (remind me to post pictures sometime), and now that I am at school it is being eaten by school. I'd forgotten how miserable I get when school happens. The night I got back I was just feeling too crappy and unmotivated to do any work, so I did not get any work done and stayed up till 5 anyway. \o/ So I'm not proud, but I'm working on doing better. Hopefully it will be a reminder of what not to do the rest of the semester. Hopefully.

On a Homestuck note: I don't have much to say about the latest updates, mainly because everything I wanted to say has probably been said by other people. Pretty much all I have is this: not much ) Buuuut I did go and translate the kids' and trolls' Sburb titles into Latin while I was supposed to be doing my actual homework. I think they look pretty cool! (Spoilers for Gamzee's title.)

I like how two of these are variations on 'equus.' )

This has the added bonus that now I will never forget any of their titles.

Also, reading about [ profile] hiimdaisy's hiatus, while sad, has inspired me to go back and reread the comics. I'd forgotten how funny they were. Seriously, the lady's a comedic genius. I also discovered that they have some amazing fandubs. (But on the downside now I will be sad if I ever play a Persona game because they could never live up to these versions.)

Finally: I am going to Webcomics on Ice* this weekend! HOPEFULLY IT WILL BE COOL and I can glare at Andrew Hussie for spoiler. :B
*disclaimer: no actual ice
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Happy Kwanzaa! Sorry I haven't been on much recently. Came home a week ago, spent the time between then and now mostly trying to beat my sleep schedule into shape. It partially worked. Hopefully I will not sleep through my birthday. :B

Also merry belated Christmas have some ramblings about Pokémon games and yaoi! )

Also guess what a meme. Stolen from [ profile] lacie whoop whoop

I'm thinking of ten characters from fandoms people should know I'm in. Try to guess them by asking yes or no questions!

6. Eridan Ampora ([ profile] birdboy2000)
8. Grell Sutcliff ([ profile] kazekageshad)
11. DARTH MAUL ([ profile] tymaporer)

Come on guys. :D

And since the year is almost over, here is my Time Capsule Meme thread again, if anyone else wants to post in it. :B
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Translation of last post. )

So now I will talk about manga.

Seven Days volume 1 came in the mail yesterday. I ordered it back in August, on the recommendation of... someone on f!s, I think. That is basically where I get all my stuff to read. ._. Anyway, I wasn't disappointed. It's a shounen-ai with a sweet story, realistic characters and an incredibly cute art style. Nothing earth-shattering, but cute. I pass along the recommendation.

Now, of course, I need something else to wait for. So I ordered the first volume of Futaba-kun Change after reading a few chapters online. I'm now seven volumes in and really liking this manga. Yes, it's a gender-bender with kind of an ecchi premise (guy turns into a girl when he's aroused), but it's really not as bad as it sounds. It ends up being more of a character-driven comedy. What I'm trying to say is, if I wasn't put off by it, you probably won't be either. :P And it's cute. The whole thing's online here if you want to check it out. (Warning: a fair bit of toplessness.)

Also rereading Saint Young Men again, because, well, it's Saint Young Men. I just wish more of it would hurry up and get translated. D: If any of you haven't read/don't know of it: Jesus. Buddha. Roommates. If that's not enough to get you to read, it's also really funny. I've read it twice before and it still makes me laugh. I'd be remiss not to provide a link I guess.

Wow, all my posts talking about things I read turn into rec posts, don't they. Anyway, to close on a different note, Hourou Musuko's English release date got pushed back two more months. Why am I not surprised. =_=;; The current prospective release is in April, but don't get too attached to that one either. I just wish I knew what was the reason for all the delay. I WANT MY WANDERING SON DANG IT.
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So, uh. Dom Monaghan and Megan Fox beating each other up and making out in an Eminem music video. This is just kind of amazing to me. Song also contains the excellent line "Now you get to watch her leave out the window, guess that's why they call it window pane." Mr. Mathers how did I even survive the past few years without your music.
yes I like Eminem shut up

Also it seems like these Hunger Games books everyone's talking about are written by the lady who did the Underland Chronicles, whose name I'd shamefully forgotten. (Suzanne Collins.) Those books were super cool and underappreciated. I may have to read her new thing now.

Umm. I finally drew that genderswap. It was bad. Not much else to talk about. Maybe I do need to start up another 30 day meme. OTL

EDIT: Oh wait, Pokémon update. Got to Indigo Plateau, benched my Jynx, caught a Heracross instead. Am currently level-grinding and rock-smashing. It's slow work. I'll get there one of these days.
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Bad news: The Dusk Balls did absolutely nothing.

Good news: It only took six Ultra Balls.

I guess the game decided to take pity on me already. So yes, I have successfully tamed the majestic Ho-Oh. Next stop, Pokémon League really long road that leads to the Pokémon League! :D
vethica: (Default) I need to remember how to make posts that don't involve memes.

I started playing Heart Gold again. Goal is to beat the Elite Four, but I can't even get there because of how impossible it is to catch Ho-Oh. I tried everything. Even Down+A has failed me. Any advice?

Also, Hinata was cuter with short hair. Actually, everyone was cuter before the timeskip.* Actually, everything was better before the timeskip. Yeah, I remember when Naruto was actually good. Good times.

* Except Gaara. Mullet yesss.

*draws troll genderswap for [ profile] captchalogue*

Day 24

Aug. 3rd, 2010 08:02 pm
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Bet you thought I'd forgotten.

24. Character with your favorite uniform/outfit )

My partner in Mystery Dungeon is a Shinx named Marty. He's really cute. I'm a Mudkip. Our team is named Team Edward. Tell me we're not the best ever.
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Otakon report! (WARNING: LONG) )

So all in all, Otakon was pretty awesome. ^_^

Loot! )

A meme! (LESS LONG) )

I think this entry has set the record for most tags in a post on my LJ.


Mar. 16th, 2010 05:24 pm
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If I named my Hoothoot Darius, what am I going to name a Qwilfish? :|

(Yes, I have Heart Gold, and nine whole Pokémon. Go me.)
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So I had a dream where Christopher Columbus and Sadako/Samara from The Ring were BFFs. I don't... I don't even know anymore. But then I had one about Rick Murray, so it was all good.

Didn't finish Genshiken in time for vacation to be over. I think I made a valiant effort, though. It's definitely the most episodes of one series I've seen under my own power. (Yes, I know how sad that is.) Also, continuing to make progress in Fire Emblem. I'm on chapter 12 and no one's died yet. ^_^ (Yes, that took entirely too many restarts.)

Pokémon fans on my flist: you might want to check out [ profile] birdboy2000's recently completed fic, Love, War, and Pokemon Battles. And no, I'm not just reccing it because I'm biased. :P I've read the thing and it is epic and well-written and worldbuildy and long, and I don't think enough people will read it and that saddens me. So. Yes. Check it out maybe.

And, uh, Hetalia fans, you should watch SkadiPirate's videos. They are good and have good music.
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Okay, yes, I realize it's a little late in the day for this, but Merry Christmas! Hope y'all have/had a good one. :D

So I am doing an unprecedented thing and actually trying to watch a whole anime on my own time! This is because I have found Genshiken and it is wonderful and awesome. I mean, it's a slice-of-life about nerd life. They don't get much more awesome than that. It is also giving me a great opportunity to practice my Spanish because those were the only subs I could find ._.;;. So yeah, I'm going to try to finish that over the vacation. My current rate's three episodes a day, so I should be all right. I just wish there were more fanworks. :| Also I am totally kind of crushing on Madarame a lot. And also I sorta ship Madarame/Sasahara liek woah.

Also, started playing Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon. It's really hard but really fun, and I'm attempting to beat it without losing anyone. Which... is impossible, because it's Fire Emblem. But darn if I'm not going to try.


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