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100 of My Fandoms
15. Change Guy / Quantum Mistake

Yes, Change Guy is a bodyswap, and yes, that is why I started reading it.It's another series I got into through lurking LJRP; in this case, the RPer was [ profile] over1000aday, who I believe used to commment oftenish on [ profile] rpanoncomm. Either they mentioned bodyswap in one of their posts or I was just intrigued by the name, but something compelled me to read it, and the rest is history. :B I actually messaged them once thanking them for getting me into the series, but they never responded. Woe. :(

The basic premise: studious, oblivious Woo-Soo gets bodyswapped with juvenile delinquent Too-Ji, and now has to navigate Too-Ji's life while dealing with his reputation and all the people who want to fight him. The bodyswap premise kind of fades into the background after the initial few chapters and it becomes a manhwa about a nice guy with the Face of a Thug, and all the humorous misunderstandings that come from Woo-Soo's extreme obliviousness and inability to think ill of people. (And I do mean humorous; this series has a lot of genuinely funny moments.) But by then I was hooked anyway. :B I even went out and ordered volume 1 in English as soon as I found out a licensed version existed (under the name "Quantum Mistake"). It's got quite a good translation, too; I wish I could find anyone selling more than just the one volume. Anyone have a copy of 2 or 3 and want to sell it to me? :P

Since there doesn't seem to be much of an actual fandom, I suppose I should go into rec mode. Well, Change Guy is actually a lot cuter than it sounds. Like, the art is oddly cute for the equivalent of a shounen (a 소년?), and Woo-Soo is adorable in either body (especially his own, which I wish we got to see more of). And there's some surprisingly attractive guys. Take a look at Jin-Ho, for example. Yes pls. And like I said, it's also really funny. Basically everyone should read this as it needs more fans. :B

OTP: I kind of ship Bul-Soon/Woo-Soo for the lulz ("I believe having a strong boyfriend would help eliminate sexism, sir!"), but really, not much other than that. Maybe I should get back into reading it and see if I ship anything else. :B
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