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Hey guys. I know I've been dropping the ball on 100 things posting for the past few weeks, and I wanted to apologize to anyone who's been waiting eagerly for the next one (read: no one). Work's been eating my life, both my actual job and helping my dad move his stuff to his new office, and it's been creeping over onto the weekends, so I haven't had too much break time either. The bottom line is that I have been pretty burnt out and not really feeling like making posts. :( I'll hopefully get back to 100 thingsing in the next few days (maybe even tonight!), but to make up for it somewhat I'm going to talk about some miscellaneous things that I'd normally be posting about in the first place. :B

- I know this has been covered over and over in every corner of the internet, but the Korra finale was a thing that happened. And, well. It really was a hot mess. Far and away my least favorite part was the last ten minutes or so. Especially SUDDENLY OUT OF NOWHERE MAKORRA IS A THING. Because now they ~love each other~ obvs? Did Mako even ever break up with Asami idk idk??? I'm really not pleased with a lot of Mako's actions, and how Bolin's character development got the shaft in favor of Mako being all supr specl awsom.

- I also really hated how Korra lost her bending and it was this big thing that everyone was all sad about for like two minutes, and then LOL J/K aang ex machina have your bending back! Have the power to give everyone else their bending back too lol season 2 journey to discover your spiritual side what is that. Lin getting her bending back I was especially annoyed about, because I really hoped she would have proven that she could still be just as awesome and kick just as much butt while still being a "normal" person. But nope you need bending to be a legitimate person apparently.

- Honestly, the only part of the finale I really cared about was the bloodbending brothers. Noatak and Tarrlok got the double whammy of having a really sad, affecting story (culminating in a double murder-suicide btw; heavy stuff for a kids' show, man!) and being really, really ridiculously good-looking. Seriously, Noatak when he's just blasting out of the water with his hair whipping all around him? And Tarrlok being all depressed with his hair dangling loosely? Swoooooooon. Does anyone know where I can find fic of those two (preferably involving erotically applied bloodbending), btw? With each other or teaming up on a third party, either is good. :B

- Okay enough about Korra, let's talk about another cartoon show I've been watching! I've been watching Bleach ever since Toonami came back, and holy wow do I love the zanpakutou arc. I missed most of the part where the actual plot happens, but the episodes afterward with the Soul Reapers and their zanpakutous just hanging out have been the cutest things. I especially cannot express my love for Zabimaru's episode, and for Snake in particular. I would watch Bleach so hard if it were just the Snake and Karin show. why do I ship a pairing from a filler episode this hard idk no regrets. ♥

- I've also been watching some other shows on Toonami but those are topics for another post I think. :B

- Okay now it is time for the big exciting part of the post! First, some background: [ profile] soltian, who is an amazing person and artist, has been having some financial trouble lately, so I went to her store to see if I could buy anything to help her out. It was at about this point that I noticed she was selling CUSTOM DAKIMAKURA CASES. *____* So. I bought one. And now I am just waiting for her to begin working on it and I am so excited hjbvhbsjsfhbjfhj you don't even know. Especially after she posted the Thor and Loki dakimakuras she just finished. *_______* It looks like she just got some new ones in stock, so if you want anything from custom dakimakura cases to prints for $7, you should definitely check her store out! I know she'd appreciate it. :D (And no, I'm not telling you who the case I commissioned is of yet. I'm saving that one till I can show you the final product. c:)

- And finally, I know it's a little late, but happy Fourth of July, Americans on my flist! :D
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