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100 of My Fandoms
19. The Dark Knight

You might think "The Dark Knight" is kind of a weird title for this post, because after all, it's only one movie out of a trilogy. Why not call it "Nolanverse Batman" or "The Dark Knight Saga"? Well, that's an excellent question, and the answer is, because The Dark Knight itself is really the only one I've cared about. I haven't even seen Batman Begins yet (although I probably should, because Cillian Murphy mmm), and I probably will see The Dark Knight Rises (assuming HG or someone drags me to it), but I doubt I'll fall into quite this level of screaming fangirlism for it.

SO WHY DID I LIKE THIS MOVIE SO MUCit's the joker ok, i was a Joker fangirl. ;_; In my defense, it's not just because he was Heath Ledger! I barely even knew who Mr. Ledger was before all the stuff happened with him and dying. :( (I'll admit he was cute in 10 Things I Hate About You, but I didn't see that until later.) No, I think I was just captivated by his personality. And his mannerisms. And his fashion sense (to my great pride, I actually own a pair of Joker socks). The makeup didn't hurt either, I guess. This part of the entry should probably be more interesting (actually this whole entry should) (actually my life should), but I didn't actually do much of anything with my Joker fangirlism. I just kind fo sat around and read fic and had dreams about him because I am lame yay. Did get some nice socks out of it though.

However also! TDK is one of the few fandoms to date that's inspired me to fic, and it impressively got not one, but three whole fics out of me. Okay, I probably shouldn't say "whole" fics, because they were all dumb oneshots and one was just something that I wrote in Spanish class, in Spanish. But that's still impressive for me. @___@ Two were Batman/Joker and one was one-sided OC/Joker because im dumb, but at least I had the good sense to make it only one-sided. Also she died at the end. So there was that. :B

I should probably go back to that whole Spanish class thing, because I got into TDK right at the beginning of 11th grade, which was also when I started AP Spanish. And every class we'd start with a vocab word or grammar bit that we had to use in a sentence. So I decided to make all my sentences be about el Hombre Murciélago and el Bromista, because I could. (Yes, I realize that the Joker is actually called el Guasón in Spanish. But they don't actually call Batman el Hombre Murciélago either, so I figure I'm good.) They were dumb. I should probably go back through my binder and compile them sometime. :|a

And I can't close this entry without giving a shoutout to [ profile] batman_lulz, where I frequently lurked (but never posted) during the entirety of my TDK obsession. It is basically a capslock comm where you don't have to capslock and everyone dumbs about Batman forever. I suppose it is not everybody's thing but I enjoyed it. Hoping the release of TDKR will get b_lulz up and running again. :D

Hottest guy: really

OTP: Batman/Joker. But really, there was no way that wasn't going to be my OTP. I mean, come on.

Recommended fanworks: [ profile] knivesandlint was my TDKfic haunt back in the day, and I have a bunch of stuff from there bookmarked on my old computer. I remember particularly enjoying That's Embarrassing. c:

Random thought: The Dark Knight guys should totally form a band. The Joker is the lead singer and guitarist, Harvey is the bass player, Dr. Crane is obviously the keyboardist, and Batman is the drummer.
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