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100 of My Fandoms
20. Deadman Wonderland

Warning there are spoilers in here up to episode 7!

Deadman Wonderland is, at the time of the writing of this post, my most recent fandom, and currently one of my favorites. c: I'd originally heard of it through LJRP lurking; it seemed every game had a Minatsuki, and they were all invariably out of character. I learned this later bit when, noticing that our library had some of the graphic novels and recognizing the title as "the one with that girl who acts all nice for about two posts and then reveals she is crazy and starts swearing at everyone", I checked out volume 3 and took a look. At which point I realized exactly how OOC those RPers were. But we'll get to that later.

While I remember enjoying the bits of the manga that I read, they weren't quite enough to hook me, so I just kind of put the series on the back burner. Then Toonami announced its return and Deadman Wonderland was one of its new shows, so I figured I'd check out the premiere. And then I fell in love with it forever the end.

So basically what Deadman Wonderland is about is a normal kid named Ganta who suddenly gets framed for killing his entire class and has to go to this prison/theme park thing where people have weird powers and fight to the death and it is just an unpleasant place to be and he has to make friends and win fights and learn to survive. And I don't know man. I just love everything about this show. The characters, obviously, and their relationships and growing genuine friendships. The protags I love to love and the creepy jerkholes I love to hate. (Looking at you, Tamaki.) The freaky deaky setting and the cool awesome blood powers. And I'm super enamored of the dub also, but I guess that's kind of a given for me. :P I don't think I could like the original this much, though. The voices are great and the script is perfect. ♥

YOU ALL SHOULD WATCH THIS SHOW is bottom line, although if you read past the spoiler line then probably you already are. :P If you aren't, be warned that there is quite a bit of violence and blood, as a lot of characters literally use their blood to attack. There's also some surgical stuff that might squick people. Not much gore, though. So there is that. Also, I've been actively avoiding looking for fanworks or other things that might spoil me before I finish the show (I don't even know Yoh and Minatsuki's last name because I haven't been looking stuff up), so I'm going to ask that y'all please not spoil past episode 7 if you comment. :D

Favorite character: Oh help I love all of them. ;_; Okay, my number one favorite has to be Ganta. I know some people have a problem with his being scared and whiny, but it's the same problem people had with Shinji and it was silly then too. He's like 14 and in a death prison - wouldn't you be? Besides, that makes it all the much awesomer whenever he grows a backbone and stands up for himself or his friends, whether it be by sweet blood skills or by good ol'-fashioned headbutt. And he also knows how to give people a proper telling-off, which I love. "All of you can friggin' eat me." Ganta confirmed for ganta tier. ♥
My second favorite character, though, is definitely Minatsuki. Here's what most of those RPers don't get about her: she has these two faces she presents to the world, the sweet innocent flower-loving child and the one who swears at everyone and makes crazyfaces and insults their lack of sexual prowess, sort of a madonna-whore thing, if you will. But she really isn't either of those; she's a scared, lonely girl who has to hide behind these fronts because they keep her safe. She's really more of a tsundere than anything, and I think she's going to come aroud and start being nicer to Ganta and her brother. Also, her relieved laughing face in last night's episode hnnnng my heart. You're a good kid, Minatsuki. A good kid. c: Also, she uses the phrase "a derpy durr". So. There's that.
My third favorite character is glasses underling because she's adorable.

OTP: You guys have to realize that I ship Ganta with everyone he befriends. Everyone. When Yoh bumped into him in the first episode, my immediate reaction was "Yay, a boyfriend for Ganta!" And then Shiro came into the picture and became Ganta's insane yet adorable girlfriend. Then we met Senji, who is pretty obviously gay (how else do you explain his fear of women's bodies?), so I had to ship that too. Minatsuki also ships it so I figure it is valid. :B And speaking of Minatsuki, dude, of course I ship them. Ganta's crush on her when they first met was so endearing. It's reassuring to know that after everything he's been through, Ganta can still be the awkward shounen protagonist. c: They are probably my favorite out of these four ships right now but really I love them all. ♥ I'll probably end up shipping him with stomachpunch shorthair girl and her manfriend too. You just wait.
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