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"Canada tops, but America can't see him. He just thinks there's a bear floating above him while he feels things in the butt." - [ profile] hoyvinglavin64

Since HG's been getting after me to post that quote up there, I guess I might as well make an actual post. So, sorry for up and disappearing for a week like that. Finals pretty much took over my life, which I gather is a thing that happens to a lot of people, but it is still something I should apologize for. But anyway, they are over now. Turned in the last one, in true me fashion, three minutes before the 11:55 due date. :B

So I've been home for a couple days. Haven't done too much except go to club, see Yuki, and play Pokémon TCG. I've finally built (with some help, of course ♥) a deck that actually has a strategy behind it and that I can actually win with. :O The only problem is there's never anyone on Lackey who plays, so if any of you guys are into the Pokémon TCG, let me know! I need new battle partners. :B

Also, I realize this should be common sense, but if you have a Mac, do not get the trackpad wet. Seriously. I got mine wet the other day and it spazzed out at me intermittently for like an hour. And if you do happen to get it wet, the option to disable it is under System Preferences > Universal Access, not System Preferences > Trackpad. :|

Better finish up that song meme.

DAY 22: A song that someone has sung to you. )

DAY 23: A song that you cannot stand to listen to. )

DAY 24: A song that you have danced to with your best friend. )

DAY 25: A song you could listen to all day without getting tired. )

Well, we can all see how well that worked at getting me to post every day. So now I will start another one~! Yeah, yeah, I know, but hopefully without school I'll actually be able to keep up with it this time. Besides, I need to convince [ profile] birdboy2000 to do it. So here everyone, have a Digimon meme! :D

Day 01: How old were you when you first discovered Digimon? )
(List of days is here.)

Also, expect an AB con report to come... sometime. Whenever I can actually get myself to do anything. :(
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Happy Kwanzaa! Sorry I haven't been on much recently. Came home a week ago, spent the time between then and now mostly trying to beat my sleep schedule into shape. It partially worked. Hopefully I will not sleep through my birthday. :B

Also merry belated Christmas have some ramblings about Pokémon games and yaoi! )

Also guess what a meme. Stolen from [ profile] lacie whoop whoop

I'm thinking of ten characters from fandoms people should know I'm in. Try to guess them by asking yes or no questions!

6. Eridan Ampora ([ profile] birdboy2000)
8. Grell Sutcliff ([ profile] kazekageshad)
11. DARTH MAUL ([ profile] tymaporer)

Come on guys. :D

And since the year is almost over, here is my Time Capsule Meme thread again, if anyone else wants to post in it. :B
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Translation of last post. )

So now I will talk about manga.

Seven Days volume 1 came in the mail yesterday. I ordered it back in August, on the recommendation of... someone on f!s, I think. That is basically where I get all my stuff to read. ._. Anyway, I wasn't disappointed. It's a shounen-ai with a sweet story, realistic characters and an incredibly cute art style. Nothing earth-shattering, but cute. I pass along the recommendation.

Now, of course, I need something else to wait for. So I ordered the first volume of Futaba-kun Change after reading a few chapters online. I'm now seven volumes in and really liking this manga. Yes, it's a gender-bender with kind of an ecchi premise (guy turns into a girl when he's aroused), but it's really not as bad as it sounds. It ends up being more of a character-driven comedy. What I'm trying to say is, if I wasn't put off by it, you probably won't be either. :P And it's cute. The whole thing's online here if you want to check it out. (Warning: a fair bit of toplessness.)

Also rereading Saint Young Men again, because, well, it's Saint Young Men. I just wish more of it would hurry up and get translated. D: If any of you haven't read/don't know of it: Jesus. Buddha. Roommates. If that's not enough to get you to read, it's also really funny. I've read it twice before and it still makes me laugh. I'd be remiss not to provide a link I guess.

Wow, all my posts talking about things I read turn into rec posts, don't they. Anyway, to close on a different note, Hourou Musuko's English release date got pushed back two more months. Why am I not surprised. =_=;; The current prospective release is in April, but don't get too attached to that one either. I just wish I knew what was the reason for all the delay. I WANT MY WANDERING SON DANG IT.
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I like Vampire Knight a whole lot. It takes it in turns to be really pretty and really adorable. Here is some of the stuff volume 6 contains:

- Canon straight romance (shocking)
- Canon gay romance (Aido's thing for Kaname is adorable)
- Subtexty lesbian romance (SOMEONE FIC YUKI/YORI NOW PLEASE PLEASE)
- Actual more girls
- Absurdly pretty hair
- Way-too-adorable kids
- Stupidly attractive administrators
- Amnesia
- Hot 19th century fashions*
- Unusually deep feelings
- A situation involving a heterochromic child with paralyzing kiss powers which may or may not all be an elaborate plot to get close to a girl

* It's no coincidence that all the hot presidents came from the 19th century.

Also I got Scribblenauts. It is a fun game if you have an imagination. And yes, the first thing I attempted to write was "Rickroll". (Spoiler: it works.)
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(which should be about one of you, heh)

Grell and Sebastian. Come on. There has to be something that can be done with this. Someone at least has to make an AMV.

And to those who haven't seen Kuroshitsuji, I really encourage you to. There's drama, horror, comedy, a handsome butler who kills people with kitchen implements, a comic relief cast with actual plot relevance, and, oh yes, tons of flaming gay. (O.A., you'll especially like it; the main character is about twelve, and the amount of implied shota involving him is pretty astronomical.) Heck, while I'm at it, I also encourage you to listen to Belle and Sebastian; their music is some of the best I've ever heard, especially on "If You're Feeling Sinister".

And now for something completely irrelevant: I totally always thought Frida Kahlo would be, well, ugly (I mean, wouldn't you with self-portraits like these?). But I looked her up and it turns out she was actually kind of pretty. Who'da thunk?
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First of all, OBAMA aww yeah.

Also, movie rec. I know the recommending movies is more HG's thing, but I gotta say, The Talented Mr. Ripley is a great one. If you like Death Note, odds are you'll like it. It's a psychological thriller about identity stealing and murder, with just enough gay romance to keep it interesting. (Bonus: one of the gay dudes is Jack Davenport.*) No, but it's not just gay dudes. I liked it. You will probably like it. RINGING ENDORSEMENT

* If you don't know who Jack Davenport is, picture this (or this) and add in a voice like Alan Rickman's. Be still my heart. @_@

And, what is this? I'm actually acknowledging my LJ-versary on my LJ-versary? :O Three years, hooray.
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A little context here: I'm in school posting on LJ while my friends kill each other in Brawl. Life is sweet. :D

So, what I did during the past month or so: Was emo, wasn't emo, got into more fandoms (Code Geass is AWESOME), got into more webcomics (Order of the Stick is AWESOME). Also, finally watched Quantum Leap for the first time. Where has that show been all my life? (And where has Scott Bakula been all my life? Mmm.)

For those of you who are geeks and wear clothing, I've found some great online stores: ThinkGeek and mental_floss. mental_floss has a smaller collection mainly involving famous dead people, while ThinkGeek has more general geek fare, including popular culture and memes. They're both worth checking out.

Those slashy Death Note things I mentioned )

Well, off to catch up on friends-only entries.

P.S. DEREK STEPHEN PRINCE IS GOING TO BE AT OTACON (I don't even play Metal Gear Solid...) OTAKON!! Not that I have any sort of way to get to Otakon ever, but...DEREK STEPHEN PRINCE *fangirls*
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Um, okay. You know Lloyd from Code Geass? (For reference, he's the white-haired fellow in the first bit of this video.) You hear that voice? That's GAARA. XD (Also, Lelouch is Ichigo and Suzaku is Sasuke...but Gaara.)

And recently I've been playing Phoenix Wright, the current best game ever. So when I go looking for stuff on the Internet, what should I find but...

Q: Then from Naruhodo's point of view, Mitsurugi is...
T [Shu Takumi, director]: He'd probably say he's become a pretty cute guy. (laugh)



Also, this = cutest picture d'awwww. And, um... Edgeworth in a frilly apron who seems to have a shirtless picture of Phoenix. This is apparently official art. *currently in fangirl heaven, brb*


Oct. 20th, 2007 11:32 am
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For those of you who somehow haven't heard yet:


Thank you, Jo. Thank you.
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(stoled from HG)
Summarize ten of your fandoms in one sentence. See who on your friends list can guess them. (some are really obvious lolz)

1. Devils and black sheep and guys.
2. Long pants long pants everybody everybody. [ profile] hoyvinglavin64
3. Does anyone ever have a good feeling about this? [ profile] birdboy2000
4. Humor in four countries and three languages. [ profile] muhsilisk
5. Kinda like Piers Anthony, but, y'know, actually funny.
6. Everyone ends up either killed, married, or eaten by a bear. [ profile] birdboy2000
7. Snark, snark, Sherlock Holmes parallels, and more snark. [ profile] birdboy2000
8. How can something with no plot to speak of be so awesome?
9. So much canon gay, and yet people still slash it. [ profile] hoyvinglavin64

Vacation detailses to follow.
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The Merchant of Venice needed more Mackenzie. I know that they had to make some reductions for the sake of plot, but his part was significantly larger in the original play. But what there was was adorable, so I'm not complaining too much. Launcelot had a total thing for Jessica and that was so cute. *wibble* AND he is the only person in the world who can make the weasel mustache hot. Srsly you guys.

Rest of the movie: I have it on good authority that [ profile] bsergurl was quite pleased with Joseph Fiennes's performance as Bassanio. Personally, I think he looked his best in this movie (i.e., with long hair). I mean, he was even sporting a couple Padawan-braid-type braids at one point. That's good stuff. Jeremy Irons is always awesome, and was only slightly less so because I kept picturing him in Eragon. Curse you, Paolini. Also, Antonio is totally gay for Bassanio, and for once this isn't just my slashaholism talking; many very smart people agree. Score. And Bassanio is pretty gay back. I mean, they even kiss on the mouth at one point. ON THE MOUTH, PEOPLE. (The director and Mr. Irons disagree with this view, you say? What do they know?) And, of course, Al Pacino as Shylock did the villain/victim angle very well. You have to feel sorry for the guy. As for the girls, Portia really likes to mess with people, and Nerissa throwing stuff at Gratiano? WIN.

So I'm gunna try to watch this movie again before it goes back to the library. And I don't usually want to watch movies again, so that gives you an idea of how good it is.

The Wayside School animated series, on the other hand, could have been done a lot better.
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Dear Self,

Eleven o'clock PM is a BAD TIME to get to sleep. Especially if you have to wake up at six-thirty in the morning.

Beat this into your brain until you get it.

No love,

Also, Person in my English Class? I know "soliloquies" is a difficult word to pronounce. However, "so-lie-lo-wockies" may have been the single worst pronunciation I have ever heard.

And now I'm going to recommend some videos. )
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Elliott Yamin is a hobbit. Proof? Well, he's short. And his ears are pointy. That's proof, right?

Oh, and speaking of hobbits, Elijah is (probably) not gay. So sad.
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(I like that title. It's probably been done before, but I still like it.)

Well, of course we all know that it would be awesome if 'Lijah were gay. But is he or not? A girl at school said that he had come out, but I couldn't find any proof of it. I did find one website claiming that he was "very very gay", but it seemed to be mostly wishful thinking, although it did have a very nice Domlijah pic. So, does anyone have any proof of Elijah's gayness, or lack of it?
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He was the ring bearer! Ahahahahahah! (And wishing he could strangle Rosie with a pair of pants so he could be the one marrying Sam, but that's not the point.)

Yeah, that's what I forgot to say last post. But while I'm here, there are a couple more things I want to say. First: birthdays! Today is actually two people's birthdays (well, actually, probably more, but two people that I care about). Dar Williams (who I got to see in concert the other day!) turns 39, and Hayden Christensen (Anakin in episodes II and III) turns 25. Happy birthday them.

Also, I'd like to remind SOME PEOPLE *glowers* that my real name is off-limits on this LJ. Got it, you two?

Finally - I'm going to see Wicked tonight! W00t! When I'm done, O.A. and I can compare shows. So get your notes ready, O.A.

(Oh, and those rumors about me and Gríma? Still false.)


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