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Well I guess it is just about time for another one of these! Four episodes in this one.

All warnings from the previous two posts apply. Happy reading, yo.


Mountain Demon Episode (Jade Times Jade)

  • I think the opening scene is my favorite in this episode.
    • I need to compile all of Valmont's coming up/going under "urgk-" noises and stick them in one file. Just, you know. To have.
    • ..."cheerio"... V why are you so British... V stoppit <3
    • Shendu what the hell was with those acrobatics ok you are just showing off at this point. It wouldn't have even been attractive if you weren't in Valmont's body anyway. B-baka. .//////.
    • "...the sooner you will have your pathetic body to yourself."


      What u say about Valmont's body (ʘ‿ʘ✿)
      • Seriously though Shendu was pretty much the worst person who could have gotten in there if he has an attitude like that. Freakin' waste of a possession. If I found my way into a body like that you can bet I'd appreciate it properly.
        • Not... that he'd probably be too happy about that either. o well c:

    • V is just kind of steadily continuing to embarrass himself throughout this scene. Try to blow this pop stand, get stopped and thoroughly told by the demon in your body. Try to open the box so you're at least doing something, get obviously shocked by it and look even more of an idiot. Kick the damn box against the wall in frustration? Oh, that did it. Freakin' figures.
      • Finn addressing him as "Shendude" right afterward can't have done too much for his ego either. He was still nursing his injured hand and everything. Probably was expecting some sympathy. Poor dude. Ignored in your own body. ♥

    • I like how Chow is the one to translate the box's riddle. Just a nice reminder that hey, we've got a dude that speaks Chinese here! (Though logically I suppose Hak Foo could have done it too. And who knows how languages even work for Shendu. I've always assumed magic universal translator or something.) And he made it rhyme too?? Babyy. <3
    • "A puzzle with a riddle!" Ratso is so in his element here. I'm not sure how a dude can be that presh but he manages. <3

  • I realized I don't have too much to say actually about the good guys in this one? I am sorry. :c

    • Uncle does get some good lines though. "*gasp* One more thing!" is very funny.

  • I couldn't make out most of the Japanese I saw in this episode. Not sure if that was a deliberate stylistic choice or if they just didn't have a guy who spoke Japanese so they just copied down what some characters looked like. Maybe Jeff Matsuda was busy that day.*
  • "No, Ratso, you can't have one." Those two are so married I s2g. ♥
  • The Dark Hand guys all jumping on the mechanical hand thing. Guys. Guys use your brains. They probably exist. :| Like maybe for everyone else they didn't expect the rest to all jump at once, but Hak Foo. You have no freakin' excuse. :|||||
    • Valmont's "should have thought this through" face is super precious too ok.

  • This episode is why I wanted to see the Sumida River when I was in Tokyo. Don't think I ever got to. :c
  • Jackie's "this is way too freaky for me" voice and expressions when dealing with the multitude of Jades are great. There are some things even the most hardened archaeologist can't handle.
  • Po Kong is not a dumb lady! I guess I always kind of expect her to be portrayed as such because she's big and obsessed with food, but she's really not. Getting Jackie out of the well by blowing into the other part? That's downright ingenious!
  • I'm not going to talk about the like 5 Jades holding Valmont (Shendu) down that is definitely not a thing I am going to talk about.
  • I am going to talk about Shendu full-body tackling Jackie immediately after though. And the face Jackie makes under him. And the rolling around on top of each other. Uh, hell yes. *_*

*I don't even know if he speaks Japanese. I guess I shouldn't assume.

Wind Demon Episode (Rumble in the Big House)
  • I know general consensus is that this episode just comes at the wrong place in the season, given that we see Shendu wearing the sorcerer's robe a full two episodes before it's officially revealed. But I still like the idea that Shendu was taking it out for a test run and managed to get back before Valmont noticed what they were wearing.
  • "Do not take that tone with me, Valmont." Oh, just get a room already, you two. Dang.
  • Poor V just suffers such indignities this episode. He does not want to let his body out of that limo. I am sorry, dude. :c
    • I like how while the other two guys are at least trying to take some money, V's just standing there tapping his foot and waiting for Section 13 to show up. He doesn't even rub any of it on his face. :(

  • Jackie is really good at voices.* Which I guess raises the question of why he still has such a strong accent? But maybe those things aren't related.
  • V in short sleeves. V in an undershirt. V's freakin' arms. Swoon city, is my point.
  • I like how Valmont and Finn just pass all these "I know man, I don't get it either" looks between them at Ratso and "Chance"'s friendship. It's very cute. So is said friendship, for that matter. c: If only it could've lasted.
  • Oh, V, no... not the cake...** V you incredible doofus. <3 I used to get mad at Shendu for calling him an imbecile, but now? Yeah, that's basically how I feel too. <3
    • Can we just talk about him being forcibly restrained and dragged off kicking and all but screaming........

  • I like Xiao Fung. I really do. He has a lot more personality than most of his siblings. If I had to hang out with one of the demon sorcerers for a day it'd probably be him, is all I'm saying.
  • "I liked you." Aww, Ratso. Baby. :c (So, uh. What kind of like are we talking, exactly. And has anyone ficced that. :B)
  • I really appreciate the casual use of talismans in this episode. I've always thought they should just bring a bunch of them when they go on missions. Make things a lot easier.
  • "Shendu, your brother is speaking to you!" That is still one of my favorite bits. Yeah, now Shendu shuts up. Go on and hide in there. Wuss.
  • The fact that Tohru's hair comes loose in the wind and Valmont's doesn't is one of the great injustices this show has ever perpetrated.

*Of course he is, he's James Sie. But I digress.
**So I guess you could say the cake... was a lie? ...I'll show myself out.

Thunder Demon Episode (And He Does His Own Stunts)
  • The Dark Hand ought to hire that Mickey guy.
  • That smile Captain Black keeps giving Jackie. Does it have anything to do with the way his shirt was riding up? Let's be serious of course it does. That is the smile of a man who is or wants to be getting some. Freakin' canon.
  • Shendu who the hell says gingerly. I'm sorry I just think that was a really funny word of him to use.
    • Insert some kind of "ginger" pun and a picture of Finn here idk.

  • Shendu and Valmont's stupid squabbles continue to be the best thing ever. <3 Shendu is just so gleeful about his proposed changed of wardrobe, and Valmont is so absolutely outraged. "You wouldn't dare!" Yeah, V. A dude can take over your body and your resources and your employees and your social life, but messing with your outfit? That is going too far. ♥ Never stop having good priorities.
  • V sounds so hopeful when he says "You got that, didn't you?" And he is smiling and everything. Frig. Stop pulling my heart in all these different directions, would you?
  • I don't even have anything to say about the firebreathing part apart from what are those faces V you are a massive dork ok. You can just insert the sound of facepalming for the rest of it.
  • I really appreciate that the Dark Hand tried to pass Valmont off as a lady, and it worked. I really don't think I can add anything to that one.
  • Shendu was that "interference" line a pun oh my god. If that was a pun on electrical interference I will punch you in the FACE. I don't even care that it's Valmont's face. I'll do it. jESus chris
    • Speaking of which, Shendu has far too many cute Vfaces this episode. It's depressing.

  • I really enjoy that the trend of Shendu's siblings snapping at him and Valmont being forced to be the one to take it because Shendu is wussing out and hiding in his head somewhere is continuing.
  • Were they just driving Tchang Zu around all day? That must have been fun. Not that I suppose he's the kind of guy you can really say no to, so I suppose they had to suck it up. Oh well.
  • I love that Tohru gives the question of DiCapizzio's dreaminess or lack thereof serious thought. "Eh, he's all right." A dude commenting on another dude's attractiveness and it is not played for laughs? JCA. You rock. <3
  • Ratso has his arms around Finn and Chow in the theater why are they so canon oh my god. Is there any way that that was not intended to be interpreted as OT3 because I do not think there was. <3
  • I have mixed feeling on Jade in this one. Taking a photobooth picture of the demon portal map, or fast-talking the studio guard or the security guys? Genius! Inviting an uninvolved Muggle to a potentially deadly fight just because you want Jackie to be in a movie? Um that s kind of

Queen of the Shadowkhan Episode (Queen of the Shadowkhan) [well, that's convenient!]
  • "I will put up with a lot, Shendu, but I draw the line at wearing a dress!" ♥ (Best line.)
    • It totally is a dress.
    • But it's okay, V. It's a good look for y'all. Not... that I'm biased. *cough* (Another thing to hate myself for appreciating Shendu for. Damn demon sartorialism.)
    • Why do I get the feeling that Ratso was being sincere when he called it pretty? :>

  • Chow's "I got it!" face when they're fighting over the book is really cute. Just putting that out there.
  • "Come, my minions! ...Minions?"

    "It would seem you have lost your touch, Shendu."

    Aaaaagghhh I love that exchange so much. V just sounds so serious about it. Like yes, Shendu, I have reached the conclusion that you have lost your touch. And also you smell. Meanwhile Shendu is just being extremely pissy because that is his standard response to things that don't go his way. It's great and I love it. <3
  • More small things that are incredibly cute: Jade's bedhead. Fffff.
  • There is a seriously excessive focus on Jade's bare feet and legs in this episode. I get that it was plot-relevant, but they could have been a little less blatant about it. Oh well. I'm sure this way it made some young foot fetishists very happy.
  • That black outfit looks good on Jade. I guess this is the episode of Good Fashion Choices Made By Bad Guys. (Then again, her Queen of the Shadowkhan outfit is super unflattering, so...)
  • Uncle trying to woo the "vealthy art collector" was a great scene. I laughed out loud at "You are both VERY BAD SALESMEN!"
  • And, uh, I guess we can add spanking fetishists to that thing I said before. I cringed so hard during that scene. But hey, at least we have confirmation that all the Enforcers are boxers men. What are the odds?
  • Oh man. Can I just talk about Valmont's interest in the talismans for a bit. He's the only one who really cares about the things anymore, and I've always had the sense that it's for no other reason than he just likes them. He thinks they are fun (if his stint with the Dragon Talisman is any indication). And that, I must say, is freakin' adorable. ♥
  • I forgot to mention this earlier, but small things in this episode that are cute the threequel: Tohru's reading glasses. <3
  • I appreciate Shendu and Queen!Jade's interaction in this one, and not just because it looks a lot like Jade/Valmont. >__> Shendu's making full use of his skills in bowing and scraping when faced with people stronger than him (whom he'll inevitably betray), and Jade just wants someone to teach her the rad majyyks already. A match made... somewhere.
  • "You could have at least let me grab the talismans, Shendu." See what I mean? <3 Utter cutiepie. I wonder what would have happened if he'd actually gotten his hands on them. That's fic material, I suppose. Though one thing's for sure: judging by how his face lit up earlier, he'd probably be pretty happy. ♥

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Date: 2013-08-08 08:08 am (UTC)
blueinkedfrost: (Default)
From: [personal profile] blueinkedfrost
Continuing to find these recaps incredibly enjoyable and joyous, just so you know. :)

Po Kong has such a crappy, stereotypical character design, and she's hardly given any lines of dialogue. I'd like to think that she is clever and interesting, but she doesn't get any chances!

The Enforcers are always great fun. I like how Hak Foo's a foil for Tohru: quick, but not at all wise.

Love how Ratso really liked Jackie while he was going undercover. Additionally, the way that Dark Jackie gets on well with them makes me think that they could be friendly in different circumstances... It's a shame that the episode where the Enforcers try to reform and all crowd into Uncle's shop doesn't have much bonding between them and Jackie, but I daresay the overcrowding would make anyone cranky.

'And He Does His Own Stunts' has got to be one of my favourite episodes. Jade's ingenuity impressed me so much in this one! Yes, she nearly got the movie director killed by inviting him to watch the fight, but no harm was done except to his car. :D Other than that, she was brilliant and helpful and cunning! And it was sweet that the episode ended with Jackie the archaeologist's footprints immortalised in concrete - echoing the real thing.

Date: 2013-08-08 10:26 pm (UTC)
blueinkedfrost: (Default)
From: [personal profile] blueinkedfrost
Definitely watch the Enforcers reform episode ('The Good Guys'). You can interpret it as having lots of angst if you're into angst, and there's some really sweet moments at the beginning with the Enforcers all helping each other out and saving each other's lives. Plus it's pretty funny. :)


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