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Okay, so I haven't posted since mid-July. Is there a reason for this? Well, sort of. I got caught up in work for my internship, and when I was done working for the day I was generally too burnt out to make a post. And when I wasn't I was probably playing Pokémon Conquest or something. :P And about a week after that ended, I left for Japan. So here I am, about a month into Japan and finally feeling like I have things together somewhat, so I decided maybe I ought to post! Besides, LJ has once again decided it would be a good idea to make a completely unnecessary and unwanted change, this time to the posting page, so I should enjoy this one that actually works while I can. :B

So I guess I'll just post some things from my life I've been thinking about. Starting with stuff about Japan.

Yes, I did mention that I was in Japan. It's been pretty awesome so far! Not the magical land of animes and merch that all us weeaboos subconsciously hope for, but let me tell you, it is pretty darn close. I offer a list of the merch I've acquired so far (i.e., this month):

- 8 mangas from Bookoff (a super cheap used book chain), mostly yaois but 1 yuri and 1 gen
- Another yaoi from local bookstore
- The new Baccano! light novel (crappy webcam pics @ the baccano! lj comm)
- Yume Musubi Koi Musubi vol. 1 (also YOU GUYS YUME MUSUBI KOI MUSUBI GOT LICENSED LAST YEAR AND I DIDNT KNOW foams at mouth)
- Our Light Club/Bokura no Light Club vol. 1
- 2 Smile Precure gashapons
- Smile Precure + fairy tales picture book
- Notepad w/ pictures of all the precures on it
- i like precures ok
I'm also planning to pick up a Madoka or Sayaka figurine the next time I stop by a small figurine store relatively nearby! Figurines are so much cheaper here guys. ;_;

Right I should probably talk about my life and not just merch. I'm on a study abroad program and living with a family in Kyoto. The program is great (they give us a lot of free stuff and perks!) and my host family are really nice. I feel bad a lot of the times though because I'm not good enough at Japanese to carry on a real conversation, and I spend a lot of time in my room, so I feel like I'm ignoring them. :( Anyone have any tips on this front?

I haven't been anywhere outside of Kyoto yet (except a brief visit to a friend who's staying in Osaka), but my friends and I have done a fair bit of exploring within Kyoto. I've been to two temples, an anime fair (not as good as it sounds; much less cool than a convention, trust me), and a flea market/food fair, as well as gone drinking and done karaoke. I really don't understand the point of social drinking yet, I'm afraid, but karaoke is HELLA AWESOME. They have so many anime songs. They have Butter-fly. ♥ So going there as often as possible. Aside from that, we spend a lot of time hanging out in Shijo, the local shopping district. That's where aforementioned Bookoff and figurine store are located. There is also, as my friend and I found out, a doujinshi store, but our excitement was lessened when we realized it only sold yuris. (Well, that and one small section that I think was traps, but could have been futa.) Guess I'll have to save my money for Otome Road. :B

I think that is it about Japan, but let me know if you guys have any questions, or if you want me to get you anything! I will do it. I will get you things. You may have to pay for them depending on the price though. :P

And now on to some fandomy stuff!

Okay, Kokoro Connect isn't the best fandom. It is just the one I'm currently spazzing over! And it's rEALLY really good okay. Basically what it is about is, it is about five friends in a high school club who have a bunch of weird supernatural stuff happen to them, and it's also a romance, and it's also really deep psychologically. And it's SO GOOD. I can't say too much because I don't want to spoil anything, but the first supernatural thing that happens is bodyswap, if that's a draw for anyone. :B (it was for me) Also the acting is all really good, like holy crap, all these voice actors deserve a medal or something. And and freakin' and. Man I watched 8 episodes of this show back-to-back on my own, in one day. That never happens. So that should give you an idea of how good this show is. And how much you should watch it. c: The finale is this Saturday night! We don't get the channel, sadly, but I'll try to find a stream. I'm excite fffffff!

And a dream I had last night. I'm going to c&p this from what I wrote in my dream journal app (a really good one called Dreamer, if anyone cares) when I woke up, because I like the way I wrote it. But I apologize for any incoherence. @_@

Making out with Isaac and Miria! At first when I mentioned it I think it came from some other dream I had or dreamed I had, but it turned out Isaac and Miria were totally okay with it (I'd kind of thought they might be!), so it became a reality.
What was happening was, it started with a Facebook page joking about 101 Dalmatians and immortality and smoking weed. My parents were there too. Then I ended up in this giant hotel/jail, but in the hotel part (bad guys went to the jail part), and there were pretty much every fictional character living there! Every fictional character I cared about, anyway. Also Yuki was there and we hugged. <3
There was this part where I was on trial, but it was a really casual and jokey trial. People were asking me if I did things like burn their crops and poison their water supply, and I kept saying no. Then one guy, who appeared to be at least part cardboard cutout, rattled off a list of basic stuff like theft, violence, etc. When he was done, I said, "No, but I did make out with Isaac and Miria."
"What? Vethie!" Miria seemed surprised, but not displeased.
"When was this?" Isaac inquired.
"Well, you know, that one time we'd gotten a little sloshed, and I was all like, 'Oh, Isaac... I don't know if anyone's ever told you this, but you sound exactly like J. Michael Tatum...' "
I noticed approximately fifty people staring at me at this point. "Do you want me to write this down and just tell you later?" They did. I guess it would become a fic or something, but real.
I saw them again later. We were sitting on a bus or something with seats in groups of 3. I got all embarrassed and was like, "Now every time I see you guys I'm just going to be thinking about making out with you." "So?" said Isaac. The seat next to him was free. I slid into it.
Other things that happened:
Mewtwo lived on the floor below me, and by "lived" I mean he just kind of levitated near some trees and a garbage can. He was still serious but considerably chiller than in canon. Also, he had a mouth. I remember this because we were talking about makeouts and how many people we'd made out with (this was a running theme).
Some criminal escaped and we all were chasing them. I remembered they had a number on their shirt, which I thought was 12, so for some reason I thought of Cabernet/Burgundy because her name was apparently Shiki???? Also I ran into her at the beginning of the chase and she was mad about being woken up, and recognizing that she would be, I apologized: "Sorry, but something's going on!" I think her look of annoyance changed to one of interest as I rounded the corner. (The shirt turned out to say "11+".)
Roy Mustang yelled down to the next floor looking for Gamzee, but found Riza instead. Apparently he and Gamzee were like best friends, but I think Gamzee was in jail now. (Roy also was wearing bunny ears.) Riza asked if he really missed Gamzee, and Roy realized that their relationship was actually kind of toxic and he felt better now that he didn't have to take care of him all the time. Then Riza told him that the Elric brothers were in the hospital. That was the end of the dream. :(

So the upshot of all this is I think I have a crush on Isaac and Miria now?? This feels kind of wrong, in ways I can't put my finger on. It also feels really awesome though. I haven't had a new crush in a while. I'm keeping it. @_@

my life everyone. Well I think that is quite enough for one post! Don't worry, though; for anyone who's been waiting with bated breath for my next 100 things post, I'll try to get it up soon. C: (that's what he said)

EDIT: Wow I almost forgot. You guys remember the dakimakura case I mentioned commissioning from [ profile] soltian a few months ago? Well, here's the finished product! Yes, it's Valmont. Did you guys expect anything else from me. c: Aaaaaaaahhhhhhh it's perfect though and I'm really sad I'm in Japan and not at home where I can hug my new dakimakura. I urge you guys to commission your own ones when she opens commissions up again next month or so! Because seriously. ♥
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