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100 of My Fandoms
22. Degrassi: The Next Generation

When in doubt, you kiss Craig!? )
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I would like to comment on how angry it makes me when people I respect make fun of anime nerds and furries. So here goes: It makes me angry when people I respect make fun of anime nerds and furries.

Now on to a meme.

Association Meme: Comment to this post and I will give you 5 subjects/things I associate you with. Then post this in your LJ and elaborate on the subjects given.

Yuki gave me: TV Tropes, Neopets, Pokémon Colosseum, genderbending, Canada )

Also, unrelated, but congratulations to Mr. Ledger on the Oscar. Not that there was any doubt he'd win, but still, he deserved it.
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...Ahem. As you may have gathered, I am back, but don't get too comfortable, because I'm leaving again tomorrow for camp for three weeks. And for the record, I could find no pretzel bread in Canada, but I did finally achieve one of my life's dreams: owning a sweater vest. And a manga in French. ^_^
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Starting tomorrow, I will be in a magical land full of hope and wonder, a land I like to call Canada, for about two weeks. If I find any, I'll bring you all back some pretzel bread. :D
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The thing about Degrassi is that it's Canadian. Which is excellent, but the accent can throw you off. When they're in the middle of a dramatic scene and someone goes "You don't know what you're talking aboot" or "I'm soarry", you have to pause and go "oh they're Canadian lol" and then get back into the scene. No, but seriously, Degrassi is a great show and I totally have a crush on Rick. :\

New Year's music meme )

How did I not get any TMBG songs after adding like four full CDs. D:

also, BLEACH! )
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I've temporarily run out of humorous and obscure-ish quotes. So you're getting a song lyric. Whee *waves hands*.

I was actually on on Saturday, and I was going to say that it was Canada Day (or I should say Canadia :P) and Liv Tyler's 29th birthday, but I didn't. I'm so dang evil. While I'm at it, I'll wish everyone a happy Fourth of July for tomorrow. Do they have a Fourth of July in Canada? Yes, it comes after the third of July. :P

Most of my friends are away. Thus, I am bored.

Oh, and if anyone can find me a picture of Mimi Tachikawa without her hat (01, not 02), I will be forever in your debt. I ran a Google image search and got nothing, although I did learn that there are plenty of Yamato/Mimi shippers. Which has no canon basis whatsoever. What do they even call that ship? Mimato? Eh. Give me a good Taito or Daiken any day.
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Well, actually, I really don't mind all that much. Anyway, he turns 29 today! Happy birthday, Dom. 29 really isn't that old, is it? I mean, he and I have less age difference than Viggo and Liv had, although considering the age difference of their characters, maybe that's not the best example. (Don't even, by the way, get me started on Viggo. He absolutely can't be 48. It's impossible. Doesn't look it at all.) Maybe we could get married. In Canadia. Everything's better there.

I was going to post a bad song parody in honor of Dom, but it's much too late. The only reason I'm even posting this is because I didn't want to be accused of forgetting his birthday. I may post the parody later. If I remember.

(NOTE: I do not actually intend to marry Dom, in Canada or elsewhere. At least not for a few years.) (Also, to any Canadians who may read this, I apologize for saying "Canadia". I do know the actual name, honest.)


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