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lol go to bed already :\

All 20 minutes left of it, anyway. ._.;;
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First: I have a new icon. Yes, for me this is a big deal. ._.;; Also, the icon is awesome.

That's actually all I was going to post here, but then I found... well, you all know "The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins", right? Pretty good song, had a really great Sgt. Frog AMV that I'm very ticked was taken down. But I hadn't seen the actual music video until today. And. Um. That has to be one of the funniest, most ridiculous things I've ever seen. I don't... I don't even know. Also, I guess this is the appropriate time to wish Mr. Nimoy a happy belated birthday.

Also, an EGS rant. )
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Apparently there is a tree called the Garry Oak. I'm sorry. That's hilarious.

Also, I guess none of the other language Pokéraps changed the order, although I'm still not sure why. But I really like the weird voices they do in the French one. :\

And, uh, apparently I forgot to post Leap Year birthday wishes to the two characters whose birthdays I can actually remember. Sorry, Kabuto and Hani-sempai. Happy fifth birthdays or whatever.
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I realized that I haven't yet commented on it being Mackenzie's birthday. So although I think it's already tomorrow in the UK, happy 36th, Mackenzie! :D

Also, I know YouTube comments aren't exactly the place to go if you want an intelligent debate, but dang, I never realized there was so much hate between fans of the UK and US Offices. Dudes, they're both awesome, get over it. :|
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Spoilers for about page 2 of DH, but some people are sensitive... )

Also, finally got around to watching "Goths" two days ago. Grishnack is love, and that is all. Although one wonders why he's named himself after an orc (Grishnákh) - they're not particularly goth, are they? (Further research has shown that he may have taken the name from one "Count Grishnackh", a musician, murderer and racist. I hope it's the former.)

Also, today is yesterday was (the historical) Macbeth's 950th deathday. Keep it real, Mac.

And now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to go watch The Office. I mean, eat dinner. Then watch The Office. ("Well, have a nap...THEN fire ze missiles!")
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Okay, it's a little late, but it's still the 17th, so happy birthday Sempai! ^_^ Have fun doing adult-type stuff at Katsucon! ;)

This song reminds me of House for some reason. Can't say why. (Yes, I've started watching House. No, it wasn't (just) because of Dr. Pritty Hairs Chase. :P)

Speaking of TV shows, OMG Lost last Wednesday. I'm not good with post-episode commentary, but Spoilers cut, click if you don't care )

Because I know none of you follow me on deviantArt, I made another artPad. It's the rival ("Jim", I call him) from Pokémon Diamond/Pearl. ^_^
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It's Dom's birthday! He's thirty today. ^_^ Happy birthday Dom!

I stole this meme from Lynx. Not sure how many people will answer/know the songs, but I'll give it a go.

Step 1: Put your iTunes or equivalent on random.
Step 2: Post the first line from the first 30 songs that play, no matter how embarassing. (I skipped my brother's songs, as per usual.)
Step 3: Bold the songs when someone guesses correctly.
Step 4: Looking them up on Google or any other search engine is CHEATING!
Step 5: ?????
Step 6: I'm afraid I don't have anything to give you. ^^;; Guess anyway?

I'll count repeats if you don't cheat and look at the ones already posted.

This is an LJ cut )
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New icon! Thank'ee Tyma! (Oh, come on. Don't tell me you've never thought it.) Tyma and I went trick-or-treating last night and it was fun. ^_^

Happy All Hallow's Day (not to be confused with Happy Hallow-Day), and to those of you who're NaNoing, good luck! And a happy 45th yesterbirthday to PJ.

So this movie Flushed Away that's coming out on Friday that HG's got me all excited about? It features (are you ready for this?) Sir Ian McKellen, Andy Serkis, AND Bill Nighy. Now I really need to see it.

Oh, and is it me, or would Haseo from .hack//ROOTS, if he dyed his hair, be Sasuke?
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Once again displaying her unique inability to post people's birthdays on the day that they happened, Vethica has to settle for informing her readers of Weird Al's 47th birthday a day late. And posting a meme. )
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So I was in my science class, right, and I had nothing to do because I finished the lab that we were doing, so I was reading through the World Almanac on the teacher's desk, and it said today was Viggo Mortensen's birthday. (He's 48.) So I was like, sweet. Have a good one. And then I came here and wrote this entry. And posted it. Well, I didn't do that part yet.

...Now I did.
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I would like to apologize for not posting the birthdays of, among others, David Wenham (41 on September 21st), Tom Felton (19 on September 22nd), and Mark Hamill (55 on September 25th). I've been getting around to posting this for a while, so...yeah.

Meme )

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Or, in other words, this is my 50th post. W00t. Coincidentally, the other Sir Ian, Sir Ian Holm, turns 75 today. The big three-quarter-century. Happy birthday.

So apparently Satoshi Tajiri (the creator of Pokémon) is an Aspie. Good news for us, eh?

So there is like some French company called Vethica, but with an accent mark on the e - don't you start, Freeglader - which I did not know about when I came up with this name. So is this like copyright infringement or something? Do I need to change my name? Am I gonna get sued or whatever?

EDIT: Possible AWE spoilers )
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Since I was a really lazy non-posting person this past month, there were two birthdays I didn't acknowledge. My apologies to John Noble (who turned 58 on the 20th) and Billy Boyd (who turned 38 on the 28th).

What did I say I was going to talk about? Pirates and pie...Well, um, Pirates kinda starts with the word pie, so...actually, I've been putting off making a proper post for so long that I've completely forgotten everything I was going to say. Sorry. School's starting soon. Bleah. Oh - Freeglader, if you're reading this, I read Dune. I guess your fanfic did something after all.

My computer's in the shop right now, so if you were trying to email me, you can't. This is being posted from the library computer, but I don't like checking my email on public computers. So.

A website to check out: Guess the Character (shown to me by Tyma). Like a more-than-20-questions game of 20 questions, this game guesses right a lot. And if it doesn't, you can input your character into the game so it will guess it next time!

Interesting stuff I've friended:

[ profile] bri_chan - Check out her deviantART page. She does Pirates stuff. She does LotR stuff. She does Disney stuff. She's cool.
[ profile] fanart100 - A fanart challenge comm. Artists pick subjects and then have to make 100 arts based on a prompt table. They've got fanart from pretty much everything you can think of.
[ profile] fandom_puffs - If you liked [ profile] potterpuffs, you'll love this. Puffs from all sorts of fandoms. She even takes requests. And I got this icon from there. ^_^
[ profile] gay_fanart - Just what the name says. A gay fanart comm, headed by the irreplaceable [ profile] theonemonaghan, who draws lovely Domlijah. Be warned - not everything in there is clean.
[ profile] jackwill - Again, just what the name says. A Jack/Will community. This also has some...not good stuff in it.
[ profile] lost_challenge - Remember I mentioned this one a few posts back? Well, I've caught up to where they are now.
[ profile] potc_100icons - A Pirates icon challenge comm. Though there have been no icons posted as yet, it looks interesting.
[ profile] potc_art - Pirates art of all kinds. I just typoed "kinds" as "knids". VERMICIOUS KNIDS!
[ profile] turrowton - What's the only thing hotter than Jack/Will? Jack/Will/James! Actually, that's debatable, but still. It's hot. Also has some not < PG-13 rated stuff in it.

And if you're looking for the tongue twister, it's in the subject line.
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It's Neil's birthday! You know, Neil Cicierega? Lemon Demon? Creator of the Potter Puppet Pals, the Ultimate Showdown, and Animutations, among other stuff? One of the awesomest people ever? Well, whether you've heard of him or haven't (most of you will, since I extol his praises every chance I can get), he turns 20 today. And while I knew this, I still FORGOT TO GET HIM A PRESENT.


Well, off to the belated birthday card aisle. Or maybe I'll make a card and save myself a trip.

Movie review not coming becuase I am lazy. Longer post, however, to come, which includes: a tongue twister, Pirates stuff (turns out I do like Jack. Who knew?), and...pie.
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I've temporarily run out of humorous and obscure-ish quotes. So you're getting a song lyric. Whee *waves hands*.

I was actually on on Saturday, and I was going to say that it was Canada Day (or I should say Canadia :P) and Liv Tyler's 29th birthday, but I didn't. I'm so dang evil. While I'm at it, I'll wish everyone a happy Fourth of July for tomorrow. Do they have a Fourth of July in Canada? Yes, it comes after the third of July. :P

Most of my friends are away. Thus, I am bored.

Oh, and if anyone can find me a picture of Mimi Tachikawa without her hat (01, not 02), I will be forever in your debt. I ran a Google image search and got nothing, although I did learn that there are plenty of Yamato/Mimi shippers. Which has no canon basis whatsoever. What do they even call that ship? Mimato? Eh. Give me a good Taito or Daiken any day.
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Yes, today everyone's favorite Dom fan (other than me, of course :P) turns 21. I already commented on her journal, but I post birthdays here, so...who better?

And I know everyone else is going "Why didn't I get a birthday post?" I guess I was never online on your birthdays, and also some of you I didn't know if you wanted your birthdays told. Sorry. If you want I can give you a belated birthday post. On the other hand, you probably don't care that much. So I'm just going to leave this before I babble any longer.
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Karl Urban turns 34, Liam Neeson turns 54, and since it's his birthday too, The Artist Formerly Known as The Artist Formerly Known as Prince turns 48 and now I have to go. Actually I was going to say something but I forgot.
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Well, the world hasn't blown up yet, and besides I don't believe in that stuff anyway. I'm just posting because I had forgotten that Jason Isaacs' birthday was today, but Ender's post today reminded me. Thanks Ender! So if my math's right, he's 43. Well, that's not too too old...
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- My friend Monkey. We were watching Forrest Gump yesterday, and that's one of the things he came up with. We also developed a fascination with the words (try and imagine these in an Alabama accent) "Forrest Gum*p*", "mud" (and houses made of mud that were "dirt cheap"), "Viet-nam" (flat a), and "Greenbow, Ala-BAMA!", as well as helicopters and Lieutenant Dan looking like/being a pirate.

...In other news, I'm going to Anime Boston today with HG and Shad and some others, and Christopher Lee turns 84. Because Christopher Lee is actually me, because I'm Saruman, so that also makes me Count Doofus Dooku. But I'm also Darth Maul (and presumably, by extension, Ray Park) and Harrison Ford and Mos Def. Oh, and Rupert Grint, which makes me Ron, which makes me Dumbedore, which makes me Dom, which is so weird that I am going to stop thinking about it right now.
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Whoo! Taylor's the new American Idol! Well, if it couldn't be Elliott, Taylor was my next choice. Actually, my ideal final showdown would have been Elliott and Mandisa, but y'know, whatever. Also, I have realized that I find Bucky Covington good-looking. This disturbs me. I think it's the scruffy.

Sadly, I did not watch the Lost season finale. Bad me. But I have good reason: the only episodes I've seen in full are the first eight of season 1, so I don't want to spoil too much, and the finale would probably contain a huge amount of spoilers. Plus half of it was too late for me to watch anyway. I did watch during Idol's commercial breaks, but I didn't see anything involving Dom. Oh well. Maybe I can catch up before the next season.

This post coincides with the birthday of SIR Ian McKellen, who turns 67 and who has 2 recent movies that are either out or coming out soon or both (I don't know, I'm not going to watch them. No offense, Sir Ian). So, um, O.A., you might want to celebrate, seeing as you're Gandalf and all.


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