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Happy Fourth of July and belated Canada Day, everyone! :D

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Probably. I don't remember.

Saw Chicago (the movie) the other day. I knew I'd been missing out by not having seen it before. Amazing, amazing movie. I love the decision to have the songs all be dream sequences - it allows for some awesome elaborate staging, and the songs themselves have this hypnotic quality that fits with that and with the whole unsettling feel of it. Basically, really good movie. Also Queen Latifah is hot, my god. *straight, really*

Now it's time for me to make some observations I've picked up recently about characters and Japanese pronouns.
- these got long )
- And the thing that inspired me to look up a few of these was the Homestuck Japanese translation project. Sooooo coooool man. It's not very far along yet, but check out the character pages to see how their pronouns and typing quirks are being translated. A couple highlights: each of the kids uses a different one of the four basic pronouns; Terezi's 413 thing translates perfectly due to the Japanese love of numerical wordplay (and her laugh becomes 1111, or "hihihihi"); and Nepeta calls herself "Nepeta-chan", which is adorable. Seriously, check it out. :D

One day I will make a list of every character in my favorite Japanese media and the pronouns they all use. :|a

Day 15: A character you’d be best friends with. )

Day 16: A character you would not get along with. )

No picspams today either. :( Too many characters, sorry. Not sure how I would go about it. Though if you have an idea you can let me know.

Four days till Connecticon!
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Folks from f!s friending meme ([ profile] digivolution, [ profile] t_funster, [ profile] tadashi_chan): HI NEW FRIENDS :B I'm planning on going back through and trying to add some more people, so expect a HI NEW FRIENDS PART 2 at some point later I guess, but I hope you guys can hang out while waiting for the rest of 'em to get here. So yes, this is an example of a typical post from me! Also I don't think I've posted it here before, but I'm vethica on AIM too if you or anyone else wants to message me. It's always nice to add people to my woefully small buddy list.

So, sorry for not having been updating. Haven't had too much to talk about, I guess. While I was home my life was being eaten by The Sims 3 (remind me to post pictures sometime), and now that I am at school it is being eaten by school. I'd forgotten how miserable I get when school happens. The night I got back I was just feeling too crappy and unmotivated to do any work, so I did not get any work done and stayed up till 5 anyway. \o/ So I'm not proud, but I'm working on doing better. Hopefully it will be a reminder of what not to do the rest of the semester. Hopefully.

On a Homestuck note: I don't have much to say about the latest updates, mainly because everything I wanted to say has probably been said by other people. Pretty much all I have is this: not much ) Buuuut I did go and translate the kids' and trolls' Sburb titles into Latin while I was supposed to be doing my actual homework. I think they look pretty cool! (Spoilers for Gamzee's title.)

I like how two of these are variations on 'equus.' )

This has the added bonus that now I will never forget any of their titles.

Also, reading about [ profile] hiimdaisy's hiatus, while sad, has inspired me to go back and reread the comics. I'd forgotten how funny they were. Seriously, the lady's a comedic genius. I also discovered that they have some amazing fandubs. (But on the downside now I will be sad if I ever play a Persona game because they could never live up to these versions.)

Finally: I am going to Webcomics on Ice* this weekend! HOPEFULLY IT WILL BE COOL and I can glare at Andrew Hussie for spoiler. :B
*disclaimer: no actual ice

que guay~

Oct. 7th, 2010 11:27 am
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I just had a Pokémon TCG game with a guy in Brazil. I don't speak Portuguese and I don't think he spoke English, but with my limited Spanish skills we were mostly able to communicate. It was so cool man. :D THIS IS WHY I LEARN LANGUAGES. THIS RIGHT HERE.

That and watching anime without subtitles. But mostly this.

(e: happiness meme)
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I promised [ profile] alacranita I'd do a post of foreign Disney song recs, so here it is. yaaaaay
Spoiler: Norwegian Tarzan rules )
Man that took a while. Also I thought I had more songs than this. :|

And, uh, look at what I found while doing this:

Looks like Japanese Fropin is canon. :B

Not much else to report. Worrying about college is taking up most of my time. Also, joined VDex. You know, that Pokémon thing. I doubt I'll keep up with it, but it's fun currently. Obligatory link to my dudes:

Day 15

Jul. 24th, 2010 05:15 pm
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15. Character you’d want to cook for you )

Yesterday I was listening to Disney songs in languages, but mostly Icelandic. Today it is languages, but mostly Dutch. Here are a couple good ones I found: Recs and commentary! )

Maybe sometime I should do a post of foreign Disney recs, like my one of YTP recs. I'm sure anyone would read it.
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Okay guise, dilemma time.

So for my English project I was thinking of incorporating a clip of Shaman King. I'd be presenting this to the class. Now should I use:
  • the Japanese version, which has subtitles that people might not be able to read?
  • the English version, which is a piece of crap?
Opinions plz. :(
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If it does, tell me )

(also, re my music, Mandarin!Scar is several levels of hot.)
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Apparently there is a tree called the Garry Oak. I'm sorry. That's hilarious.

Also, I guess none of the other language Pokéraps changed the order, although I'm still not sure why. But I really like the weird voices they do in the French one. :\

And, uh, apparently I forgot to post Leap Year birthday wishes to the two characters whose birthdays I can actually remember. Sorry, Kabuto and Hani-sempai. Happy fifth birthdays or whatever.
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Um. So you know the Team Rocket song? Apparently it appeared in the show. On the one hand, I thought I knew the tune from somewhere. On the other...I don't remember seeing this. D: I like how they adapted it into English. I also like how James is subtly crossdressing. :D

Other observations:
- Probably the best version of the TR song that I've seen is the Italian one.
- Officer Jenny is "Officer Rocky" in German. I can't take that seriously at all.
- The Jigglypuff song is really pretty in German (though it's also quite pretty in English).
- Although for some reason Jigglypuff still says Jigglypuff, even though her name is Pummeluff. Then again, English Charizards and Onixes still say "Lizardon" and "Iwark", apparently, so.
- The German Pokérap does not change the order. So it really doesn't rhyme. Even though they could do that really easily. :\
- Is English the only language that came up with new songs?

Also, this. Watch it. You will thank me. Or possibly be really disturbed. (I can't decide whether I prefer that version or this one.)

And if anyone gets what I did with the "my music" thing,'re awesome. :D


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