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100 of My Fandoms
12. Bleach

Kurosaki-kuuuuun! )
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I decided to try and come up with human names the ponies would have if they were humans and not ponies.

Twilight Sparkle: Twila Sparks (easy)
Rainbow Dash: Rain/Raine/Rainbow(? parents must have been hippies) Dashell
Pinkie Pie: Wilhelmina Diane Pine (still goes by Pinkie, because she has pink hair and likes pink and, I mean, Wilhelmina)
Applejack: Jacklyn (aka Jackie, Jack) Apple (Applebaum? Appleton? Applesomething?) Her siblings stay Macintosh and Bloom, of course.
I do not know about Rarity and Fluttershy, though in the latter's case I think her last name should be Cheyenne or something. Maybe she is part Albanian and her first name is Flutura. :|a (Thanks, behindthename!) Okay, maybe I just don't know about Rarity.

Oh, also I went to Connecticon this weekend. Quick con report maybe?

Quick con report maybe! (not actually that quick) (really long actually) )

...And, yeah, that was in fact really long actually, but that's about it. So yes. I had fun. :D And if there was anything I forgot I'll mention it in a later post.

Also I will skip the Digimon meme this post, sorry. This is never going to get posted otherwise. Next time, y'all.
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Happy Fourth of July and belated Canada Day, everyone! :D

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Probably. I don't remember.

Saw Chicago (the movie) the other day. I knew I'd been missing out by not having seen it before. Amazing, amazing movie. I love the decision to have the songs all be dream sequences - it allows for some awesome elaborate staging, and the songs themselves have this hypnotic quality that fits with that and with the whole unsettling feel of it. Basically, really good movie. Also Queen Latifah is hot, my god. *straight, really*

Now it's time for me to make some observations I've picked up recently about characters and Japanese pronouns.
- these got long )
- And the thing that inspired me to look up a few of these was the Homestuck Japanese translation project. Sooooo coooool man. It's not very far along yet, but check out the character pages to see how their pronouns and typing quirks are being translated. A couple highlights: each of the kids uses a different one of the four basic pronouns; Terezi's 413 thing translates perfectly due to the Japanese love of numerical wordplay (and her laugh becomes 1111, or "hihihihi"); and Nepeta calls herself "Nepeta-chan", which is adorable. Seriously, check it out. :D

One day I will make a list of every character in my favorite Japanese media and the pronouns they all use. :|a

Day 15: A character you’d be best friends with. )

Day 16: A character you would not get along with. )

No picspams today either. :( Too many characters, sorry. Not sure how I would go about it. Though if you have an idea you can let me know.

Four days till Connecticon!
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And now we come to the other part of the new names: the Elite Four and Subway Bosses.

You ready for this? )

On another note, I know the dub's been out since forever, but I just found these clips of Grell's dub voice the other day. Swooooon. Love it, perfect, amazing, et cetera. Not too crazy about "Bassy" (né Sebby) but the rest is spot-on. Also love all the added Romeo and Juliet paraphrasing (at least, I don't think all that was in the original). I need to get my hands on these DVDs... in a couple of years once the price goes down. x_x
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HI NEW FRIENDS PART 2: [ profile] lintwhite, [ profile] missmorrichan, [ profile] ocelotofdoom, and [ profile] vycey hiiiiii :3

Haven't had too much to talk about lately. Finally caught up on my homework and my sleep; let's see how long that lasts. I've also become a proper /vp/oreon in the past week or so. Posting to 4chan is addictive, let me tell you. I know, I never would have thought I'd be a 4channer either, but /vp/ is different. A good percentage of the time they are actually nice! :o Also the picspams.

And now (speaking of picspams) A PICTURE MEME THAT I STOLE FROM [ profile] t_funster! (see this is why having new friends is good) (also happy birthday [ profile] t_funster :D)

Pick a character from a fandom. Use any variety of pictures of that character that are already on your hard drive to answer the criteria.

Character: Grell Sutcliff
the grellest of sutcliffs )

Grell, you fine, fine woman. Stop being fictional already.

BY THE WAY if anyone else has any more Grell pics (and I know some of you do), feel free to picspam me in comments! As you can tell, I've already exhausted Zerochan's supply. ._.;;

Also, after drawing my Nuzlocke team for a /vp/ thread, I've been wanting to draw more Pokémon lately. So! This is where you guys can request Pokémon pictures from me. They will look like this or this; it's not high art, but it's free and relatively cute. Get your team, get your favorites, get whatever, get requesting! :D

(Also for Homestuck fans who do not follow [ profile] whatpumpkin, I wrote a sonnet a few days ago. Maybe you would want to see it. :B)
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The oral test went surprisingly well! :D Somehow I was not nervous at all. Yeah, with the causative-passives (-raresasemasu ... yeah) I just kind of let my mouth take over and hoped it came out right. But overall I think I did pretty well. :D

Celebratory meme time!

oo1. comment to this and I will give you 3 fictional fandom characters.
oo2. decide of the 3 whom you would marry, do, and dump.
oo3. post this meme to your journal with your answers (pictures optional).

[ profile] hoyvinglavin64 gave me Grell, SPHFWLKaiB (Szayel), and Bootstrap Bill.

Gee I wonder. )

I found so, so many excellent pictures while looking for ones for that meme. Zerochan is a godsend. Kind of like Danbooru if it were run by teenage fangirls. :D

Might as well get the rest of those memes out of the way.

Stolen from [ profile] wraithi: Some question meme thing )

Stolen from [ profile] hoyvinglavin64: animation meme )

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I know I have things to post and memes to answer, but since that will take a while I'm just going to leave this here for now: [ profile] anonchatmeme. You can anonymously talk to/ask embarrassing questions of/sexually harass your favorite characters! It is awesome and I've been addicted since last night. I figured some of you might be also interested. yeah the one who proposed to Grell was totally me

...also. I think I just realized I have a blackrom crush on Vriska. Whyyyy. D:
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Spent basically the entirety of the last two days watching every Pixar movie with most of my friends. It was huge amounts of fun. I'm going to miss those guys. :(

As is common when watching Pixar movies, I kept noticing things that I hadn't the first however many times around, but the standout this time was that A Bug's Life is an extended take on the fable of the ant and the grasshopper. I really don't know why it took me this long to think of that. It's still cool though. :B I also cried at Jessie's backstory scene for the first time. It's the song. Stupid song. *bawls*

Now, a meme.
Tagged by [ profile] ludwig
Reply and I'll give you four fandoms. You then have to make an entry writing about your favorite character from each fandom, and why.

Hetalia, Ookami-san, Kuroshitsuji, Lost )

Also, RIP Satoshi Kon.
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Back from Otakon! Con report coming later, possibly today. I just wanted to get this out of the way first.

20. Character you wouldn’t mind having as your butler/maid )

21. Character you’d have in your party if you were in a RPG )

22. Another OTP of yours )

23. Your favorite character of the opposite gender of #1 )

ALSO! A really cool person drew a really cool companion piece to one of my pictures! And it's super good! This is basically the greatest feeling ever you guys hrnnnnngh

And while I'm down here, I should plug [ profile] gulf_aid_now again as they're just starting their third round of auctions. I just recently got back my commission from [ profile] merlynster (who is awesome) from last round and it is really good. You could get a good thing too!

Day 13

Jul. 22nd, 2010 11:13 pm
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13. Character you’d go camping with )

I am loving the fact that the English release of Bleach changed Fornicarás' name. It's not even in English in the first place. No one is going to care. :P Also it is very sad about scanlation sites dying. ;_;
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I suppose I should do some kind of year-end post. All the cool kids are doing it. Um, I liked 2009 a lot. It was probably one of my favorite years that happened to me. So let's hope 2010 will be even better! :D

Fandom year-end meme )
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And of course I start watching Bleach again the week after the last Szayel episode before the filler arc. :| I watched it anyway, but mainly for Halibel and her hot Fracción. Mira Rose's voice is a thing of beauty. *_* Now, off to find the Szayel episodes on YouTube.

Yes, I know it's "Mila Rose". It's also "Harribel". (And "Sanderwicci".) Don't make me give up on my dreams, okay? D:

Also, I didn't think it was possible, but I may have found a Disney dub to rival Norwegian Tarzan: European Spanish Nightmare Before Christmas. I am seriously considering buying this CD. I haven't even seen the whole thing in English yet. :|

While we're on the subject, had an incredibly trippy Kingdom Hearts dream last night. I really need to lay off that game for a while.
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Apparently I have some internet on this vacation. I must use these powers for good!

...And by good I apparently mean whining about Shonen Jump. Eh, close enough.

So, SPHFWLKaiB finally showed up in Bleach. You can probably imagine my reaction. But. Butbutbut. They spelled his name as one word - Szayelaporro, like that. I know that's probably closer to the original, and since the speech bubbles are so narrow it shows up as hyphenated anyway, which is almost like two words. So I really have no reason to be upset about this. But idk, man, I just think it looks dumb. Some other spellings they have that bug me are "Nnoitora" (I know it's not that different, but still) and (are you ready for this one?) "Cirucci Sanderwicci". Sanderwicci? What is she, a BLT? Dude, "Thunderwitch" is possibly the coolest last name ever. You can't screw that up. D: You know what, I think I am just going to be one of those people I hate who ignores canon and spells people's names however she darn well pleases. Like heck I'm giving up "Thunderwitch".

While I'm here, I suppose I should say something briefly about the other mangas in Shonen Jump. Because I can.

Naruto: I really like how Naruto calls Yondaime "Pa". They could have gone with "Dad" so easily, but I like "Pa" better. It gives him character. And it's cute. Pain was a cute kid.

One Piece: Nami/Vivi is so canon. Mr. 2 Bon-chan is amazing.

Ultimo: O.A. must love this series. There is no way Jealousy is a boy.

Yu Yu Hakusho: Natsume is surprisingly attractive. I like seeing all those people from forever ago.

Tegami Bachi: I would probably like this series better if the people didn't have such stupid names. Two words: Jiggy Pepper. Niche makes it worth reading, though. She's great. Also I like the term "Letter Bee". Reminds me of Smellerbee. Or Linda Ellerbee.

Yu-Gi-Oh! GX: I don't care.

Also I am going to see Wicked tonight yay.
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It's recently come to my attention what an embarrassing percentage of my thoughts is spent on attractive fictional-type guys. Which maaay not be the best thing to write about now that I have an attractive real-type boyfriend who reads this thing. So, uh, let's see what else is floating around in my head.

Okay, how about some brief thoughts on Bleach 224? So brief they don't even warrant a cut. )

Stuff got long, so have cuts for the rest too. This one is about Bleach also. )

Hetalia shipping? In my TMBG? )

Aaand more Disgaea. ) Yeah, so I once again exhort you guys to play Disgaea. It even makes leveling fun. Plaaay iiit.


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