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So, I'm still trying to get back into the hang of this "posting regularly" thing. I'm not quite sure I've mastered it yet, but hey, anything more than one post every 3 months is progress for me. :B I was actually going to post yesterday as well, but I wasn't feeling so good and also I had to work on my final for my Fairy Tales and Gender class (a retelling of The Snow Queen with lesbians, woooo). But I am done with that now (the draft, anyway), and also I'm planning to start something that will hopefully get me posting a lot more from now on! But before I can tell you that story, I have to tell you this story.

this story is the Anime Boston con report btw )

Wow that was horrendously long. Kudos to you if you read all of it. Anyway, here is that thing I was talking about that will hopefully revolutionize my posting habits (i.e., make them existent)! :D

{Take the 100 Things challenge!}

I know I don't normally do stuff like this, but I saw [ profile] burningqueen doing it and I was inspired. :D My topic is going to be 100 of my fandoms. It would probably sound better as something like "100 fandoms I am or have been in", but I never really leave a fandom, just kind of drift away from it for a while (which is what led me to think of the topic in the first place). I'm going to be posting them in alphabetical order, and I wanted to get the first one up tonight, but we'll see how much energy I have after writing this big long post. But if this works out, prepare yourselves for a whole lot more entries from me. I think you're going to like them. c:
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So it's been a long time since I posted. I'm not going to count exactly how long right now since that will just make me depressed, but I know it's been over a month. I kept having these things I wanted to talk about, and there kept being more building up and then I just... didn't. You know how it is, I think. :( Haven't been commenting much either, though I've been a little better about that. So yes, I am not dead. I do not think anyone was worried that I was but you never know.

What I have been doing during this time is being in California for eight days, the Berkshires for six and Florida for five (not all of these were at once). Just got back from the last today. It was a lot of fun except for when I got sick a few days ago. I am still sick now, so, that is not great. But I had a lot of fun seeing my extended family and everything. Just hope I didn't give them my cold.

Haven't been doing much else apart from that. Playing Sims 3, mostly. I have a decent legacy going and everything. I may picspam you guys with it later. :B I did not get the latest job I applied for, surprising no one, and I think it is too late to learn to drive, so my chances of accomplishing anything this summer are pretty well down there. I did, however, have an idea for what I can do next summer, jobwise, that I thought was a pretty good one: I can learn stenography. I bet I would be pretty good at picking it up, and if I can do that and bring up my typing speed 5 more wpm or so, I might be able to break into the closed-captioning field. And if I get good enough at that, I might be able to eventually get a job subbing things. :D Fansubbing would also be a good place to start with that one. But, um, let's give my Japanese another couple years, shall we.

More miscellany:
- Saw the perfect production of As You Like It over at Shakespeare and Company, and a few days later, entirely by chance, wound up with front-row seats to the opening night of the Williamstown Theater Festival's production of She Stoops To Conquer. I had not read the latter, but it was very funny and had a great cast. I suspect it would come across as pretty dry if you just read the play, so if you can, you should see a good production of it like that one. :D
- Some bitterness toward the recent Homestuck updates, but this post is long enough as is so I guess I'll discuss that later.
- Click for the rest, as this got long. You should read them as there are recs and cool things and stuff! )

Maybe if I take the Digimon meme a couple answers at a time I can finish in the next three weeks. At least these two are fun ones. :D

Day 17: Best dressed character. )

Day 18: Worst dressed character. )

Oh my god those got rambly. I'm so sorry.

Now, since I've been somehow inspired again, I'm off to try and write some of that ridiculous Ladd/Claire I've had banging around in my head for a couple months. Wish me luck~
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I realized that I'm really bad at making friends. It's hard for me to do it in real life and next to impossible online. I'm not sure I've ever done the latter, except for those guys on Neopets back in the day. LJ friends, I love you guys, but most of us aren't that close, right? I am so bad at talking to people. I hate being like that. x_x

Also I wish there were people to play me in online Yu-Gi-Oh/Pokémon TCG. I need to improve my decks. :(

And, because no post is complete without a meme, stolen from [ profile] wraithi:
Character Guessing Meme :B )

Mix of old and new fandoms, but mostly old because my newer ones would probably be too obvious. With the end result that most of these ended up terribly bland, but then I am a bland person. I think I've been obsessive about all of these at one point or another, though. Also I tried to pick ones where my favorite character and the character I have a crush on were not the same, but some of those got through. Whoops.

I also hate not having anything to post anymore.
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Otakon report! (WARNING: LONG) )

So all in all, Otakon was pretty awesome. ^_^

Loot! )

A meme! (LESS LONG) )

I think this entry has set the record for most tags in a post on my LJ.
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I've had a lot of stuff to post and it was too much to post in one post so this post will only post part of it. And yes, I am trying to set a world record for the number of times saying "post" in one sentence. And the number of tags on this post.

First, a meme stolen from HG:

Make a list of 10 fandoms you are in/things you like and then have your friends list guess who you think is the most attractive/would date/sleep with/etc. Cross them off as they're guessed.

1. Bleach Szayel ([ profile] hoyvinglavin64)
2. Kuroshitsuji Grell ([ profile] alex_romao)
3. Lost
4. Hetalia
5. Nolanverse Batman
6. Sandman Dream ([ profile] hoyvinglavin64)
7. Phoenix Wright Jake Marshall ([ profile] alex_romao)
8. US presidents
9. Yu Yu Hakusho Kurama ([ profile] hoyvinglavin64)
10. Star Wars Obi-Wan (Episode II) ([ profile] hoyvinglavin64)

And, like HG's, most of these'll be super easy. ~*~so predictable~*~

Cut for the rest. Anime Boston, Pokémon stuff. )
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Tryin' my hand at one of those write-as-you-watch posts.

I gotta say, Roger Workman is really starting to grow on me. He's getting to be sympathetic, and his crush on Kate is sort of really adorable.

Also, apparently this episode is called "Some Like It Hoth". Not sure why yet, but Star Wars references are always a win in my book. :D

The Losting continues if you feel like reading. )

Bottom line: best episode.
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Okay okay guise

Something really important is going down on the intertubes

Here is a link to a Youtube video that will explain

... am I doin it rite

P.S. TYMA (or other Star Wars fans), YOU MUST SEE THIS. NOW. Not an April Fool's joke, promise.
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You know, I've never really held my childhood sacred. So when people do things like Rule 34 Pokémon or whatever, that doesn't bother me. But finding out that Abraham Lincoln thought blacks were inferior to whites? That's really depressing. D:

Also, I know I'm really late to the party with this like with everything else, but new fandom: Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog. Go, watch. It's short - only three acts - and really awesome. Great music, great acting, heck, it's Joss Whedon. You really don't need any other reason to see it.

And now I'll do a meme.

(Stolen from [ profile] athousandwinds, who I found... man, I don't even remember.)

List 12 characters from different fandoms first. (No cheating!) Then answer the questions under the cut.

1. Szayel Aporro Granz (Bleach)
2. The Joker (The Dark Knight)
3. Darth Maul (Star Wars)
4. Mello (Death Note)
5. Rock Lee (Naruto)
6. Lloyd Asplund (Code Geass)
7. Rick Murray (Degrassi)
8. Kirby (Kirby)
9. Desmond Hume (Lost)
10. Luna Lovegood (Harry Potter)
11. Phoenix Wright (Phoenix Wright)
12. Hal "Otacon" Emmerich (Metal Gear Solid)

The questions under the cut )

Be warned: I've found a community ([ profile] fandom_memes) full of these things, so don't be surprised if you get spammed by them over the next while.
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Apparently, at least one person at Failblog thought Backstroke of the West was fake because of its reference to the "Do Not Want" meme.

... I believe this is what we call meta-fail.
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You know how in Backstroke of the West Obi-Wan at one point says "The front is a lemon avenue flying straightly"? I think I figured out where that comes from. See, the actual line is "Landing strip straight ahead", but it kind of sounds like "Lemon street straight ahead". So if you translate that into Chinese and back, you'd probably get something like the BotW line. I feel smart. :D
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What a week, what a week. Within the space of five days, the threesome 4/6/8 (Cubone/Jaromír Jágr/SPHWFLKaiB - that's Ulquiorra/Grimmjow/Szayel (from Bleach) to you) was created and shot down. Everyone seems to think it doesn't make any sense. Even Usa-chan, its creator, seems to have abandoned it in favor of 4/6, and I am left shipping it all alone. And it's not just my insane fangirlness for SPHWFLKaiB (which, incidentally, stands for "Sexy Pink-Haired Fellow Who Licks Knives and is Bespectacled") talking - I actually think it does work better than any of its permutations on their own. Or maybe it's just hotter. Of course, given my unfamiliarity with most of Bleach, my friends are probably right. Oh well, whatever.

Okay, guess how many amounts of homework I have this weekend. Okay? Ready? None, sucker! *booyah*

What is it with me and missing my LJ-versary? Sheesh. Just pretend it was today.

Tyma had the idea that I should type up this old Star Wars fic I wrote forever ago for a homework assignment. She said I should post it on, but since I don't have an account there, maybe when I'm done I'll post it here. Possibly.

The official video for my favorite T.M. Revolution song (out of the ones I know, which is one), "madan ~Der Freischutz~", got taken down from YouTube. *sad face* Well, at least there are still a couple live ones and AMVs I can watch. On the plus side, I realized that the Cotton-Eye Joe dance fits that song really well. A bit too well, maybe.

Now that I have finished the "why I love you" meme from a frillion years ago, I am able to post another commenting meme (stolen once again from HG). And it goes like this:

Comment and I'll...

1. Tell you why I friended you.
2. Associate you with something - fandom, a song, a colour, a photo, etc.
3. Tell you something I like about you.
4. Tell you a memory I have of you.
5. Ask something I've always wanted to know about you.
6. Tell you my favorite user pic of yours.
7. In return, you must post this in your LJ.
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I've been doing pretty badly on some school stuff recently. You don't want to hear me emoing all over the place, so I'll just leave it at that.

Make a list of all the characters in your icons. (Although you may have more than one icon of a single character, they only go on the list once.) Alphabetize it. Take the first two people on the list; that's your first pairing. Second two people; second pairing. Etc. Then write your reaction to each pairing (or a snippet of a hypothetical fic featuring each pairing). (stolen from [ profile] muhsilisk)

Chihiro/Darth Vader
...o_O Okay. Wow. That's just...I don't even want to think about that one. And I like messed-up pairings.
This one I can see making some sense. He's nicer than Hayate, and though he'd probably weird her out at first I think they would be cute together. ^_^
Jack Sparrow/Narrator
I'm sure Jack would have no problem with it. Unfortunately, the Narrator has eyes only for his beloved Raven.
This one I can actually see. They're both dark and creepy...people...type things.
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Have you ever been dissatisfied with only the Backstroke of the West screenshots that are shown on the original website? Would you like to watch the whole thing? Well, here it is! The entire movie in one handy YouTube format. Set aside a few hours and prepare to die. Laughing, that is. (WARNING: occasional language and really, really bad Engrish.)

And if by some chance someone has not read the original BotW: here. There is no excuse.


DM of the Rings, a very excellent and funny comic about LotR as a Dungeons & Dragons campaign. If you like either of those, read it. And don't forget to read the comments - the Monty Python strip in particular leads some hilariosly geeky ones.

(Man, this thing makes me want to play some D&D. The only real game of it I've played was less than an hour long. Do any of you guys play? D: )
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(stolen from [ profile] musachan)
Comment on this post. I will choose seven interests from your profile and you will explain what they mean and why you are interested in them. Post this along with your answers in your own journal so that others can play along. Just tell me if you want me to question your interests.

animutations - Weird Flash animations that often contain mondegreens and Colin Mochrie. Invented by the ever-irrepressible Neil Cicierega.
bob - is the best name ever. Think about it - it's so all-purpose. Bob is also the deity of Bobism, which [ profile] akasunano_usagi and I made up.
darth maul - A Sith Lord from Star Wars, whose first and only appearance was in The Phantom Menace. He has red and black tattoos all over. He wields a double-ended lightsaber. He's pretty sick.
genderswap - Something that occasionally occurs in fanfiction. Actually, there are two kinds: when characters suddenly change gender or when it's an AU where they've been the opposite gender for their whole life. In the first, I like to see how they react to suddely being the opposite gender. (I like when weird-type stuff happens to characters. :\) The second type can be great if the author plans it out well. Unfortunately, I have yet to read such a one.
host club - This comes from Ouran High School Host Club, an anime. (I would have put "ouran high school host club" as an interest, but it has five words. D: ) The Host Club is a group of attractive boys the sole purpose of which is to charm girls. I.e., fangirl heaven.
sock puppets - Not the kind you use when you troll, but actual puppets made from socks. This is a long-running inside joke between myself and [ profile] akasunano_usagi. When I found out that Sasori from Naruto was a puppet, I asked if he was a sock puppet. She claimed that he was a marionette. Now we constantly argue over which is better.
your mom - I say it a lot, generally in nonsensical contexts. It's probably a bad habit. [ profile] tymaporer has picked up on this habit, and now it's a bit of a running joke between us as well. Same with "your face".

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For those of you who found yourselves wanting more after reading the Deathly Hallows epilogue and haven't found it: I've found an interview with Jo that explains a lot, including stuff from earlier books. [ profile] littleyuzu, she of [ profile] theofficepuffs, recapped it here, and there's also a link to the interview itself. Figured I'd put that out there.

In other news, the Hare Hare Yukai dancers for this year's talent show have been finalized: Raven, Usa-chan, HG, O.A., and myself as Haruhi, Yuki, Mikuru, Kyon, and Itsuki, respectively. So yeah, some crossplay (both kinds), some stuff, it's all cool. If anyone is around around March or whatever you may want to check it out. Of course, that's assuming I can learn the dance by then. :P

(Also, Tyma? I guess you were right. D:)
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(stoled from HG)
Summarize ten of your fandoms in one sentence. See who on your friends list can guess them. (some are really obvious lolz)

1. Devils and black sheep and guys.
2. Long pants long pants everybody everybody. [ profile] hoyvinglavin64
3. Does anyone ever have a good feeling about this? [ profile] birdboy2000
4. Humor in four countries and three languages. [ profile] muhsilisk
5. Kinda like Piers Anthony, but, y'know, actually funny.
6. Everyone ends up either killed, married, or eaten by a bear. [ profile] birdboy2000
7. Snark, snark, Sherlock Holmes parallels, and more snark. [ profile] birdboy2000
8. How can something with no plot to speak of be so awesome?
9. So much canon gay, and yet people still slash it. [ profile] hoyvinglavin64

Vacation detailses to follow.
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Camp was fun and I miss it. So many cool people. So many cool stuff. ;_;

Pairings Meme (stoled from [ profile] heavenly_pearl, whom I found through [ profile] fanficrants)

Six Ships I Love
1. House/Wilson (House MD)
2. Pintel/Ragetti (Pirates of the Caribbean)
3. Charlie/Desmond (LOST)
4. Kabuto/Naruto (Naruto)
5. Anakin/Luke (Star Wars)
6. Gareth/Ragetti (The Office/Pirates of the Caribbean)

Three Ships I Liked, But Don't Anymore
7. Kirby/Jigglypuff (Super Smash Bros. Melee)
8. Harry/Ginny (Harry Potter)
9. Dom Monaghan/Elijah Wood (RPS)

Three Ships I Don't Like
10. Harry/Voldemort (Harry Potter)
11. Neville/Luna (Harry Potter)
12. Sebastian/Olivia (Twelfth Night)

Two Ships I Am Curious About, But Don't Actually Ship
13. Tim/Gareth (The Office)
14. Timmy/Vicky (Fairly Oddparents)

The meme questions! [SPOILERS FOR LOST] )

boring artpads )

Also, if anyone had any doubts of how much of a freak I am, I have cast the main characters of The Office to the song "Piano Man". Yyyep.
(Piano Man = Jim; old man = David Brent; John = Tim; Paul = Dawn; Davy = Gareth; waitress = Pam; businessman = Michael; manager = Dwight.)
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I have some words to say about LOST )

This is the best wiki article ever. This comes in second.

Also, Naruto fanfic rec: Switched! I love bodyswap stories, and this one certainly delivers. It starts out wonderfully sane. By the end, it had degenerated into...well, I won't spoil it, but a bunch of completely implausible things, and here's the best part: it still remains completely sane. It's not very long, but it is very good. Read it? ^_^
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Jar Jar/Tonks OTP. Clumsy people unite!

PS THIS IS THE BEST WIKI EVER. Did you know Lando was the name of a pope? Between Pope-3PO, Papaltine, and Pope Lando, I'm starting to think there's some kind of conspiracy going on here. :P


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