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So it's been a long time since I posted. I'm not going to count exactly how long right now since that will just make me depressed, but I know it's been over a month. I kept having these things I wanted to talk about, and there kept being more building up and then I just... didn't. You know how it is, I think. :( Haven't been commenting much either, though I've been a little better about that. So yes, I am not dead. I do not think anyone was worried that I was but you never know.

What I have been doing during this time is being in California for eight days, the Berkshires for six and Florida for five (not all of these were at once). Just got back from the last today. It was a lot of fun except for when I got sick a few days ago. I am still sick now, so, that is not great. But I had a lot of fun seeing my extended family and everything. Just hope I didn't give them my cold.

Haven't been doing much else apart from that. Playing Sims 3, mostly. I have a decent legacy going and everything. I may picspam you guys with it later. :B I did not get the latest job I applied for, surprising no one, and I think it is too late to learn to drive, so my chances of accomplishing anything this summer are pretty well down there. I did, however, have an idea for what I can do next summer, jobwise, that I thought was a pretty good one: I can learn stenography. I bet I would be pretty good at picking it up, and if I can do that and bring up my typing speed 5 more wpm or so, I might be able to break into the closed-captioning field. And if I get good enough at that, I might be able to eventually get a job subbing things. :D Fansubbing would also be a good place to start with that one. But, um, let's give my Japanese another couple years, shall we.

More miscellany:
- Saw the perfect production of As You Like It over at Shakespeare and Company, and a few days later, entirely by chance, wound up with front-row seats to the opening night of the Williamstown Theater Festival's production of She Stoops To Conquer. I had not read the latter, but it was very funny and had a great cast. I suspect it would come across as pretty dry if you just read the play, so if you can, you should see a good production of it like that one. :D
- Some bitterness toward the recent Homestuck updates, but this post is long enough as is so I guess I'll discuss that later.
- Click for the rest, as this got long. You should read them as there are recs and cool things and stuff! )

Maybe if I take the Digimon meme a couple answers at a time I can finish in the next three weeks. At least these two are fun ones. :D

Day 17: Best dressed character. )

Day 18: Worst dressed character. )

Oh my god those got rambly. I'm so sorry.

Now, since I've been somehow inspired again, I'm off to try and write some of that ridiculous Ladd/Claire I've had banging around in my head for a couple months. Wish me luck~
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Well, this updating daily thing is working out so far. \o/

Recently ordered the Kim Possible soundtrack from Amazon as the result of a fandom secret. It came in today, so I've been listening to it. Not quite as nostalgic as I had hoped, but hey, I have the Naked Mole Rap on my computer now. That can't be a bad thing. Also it made me want to rewatch A Sitch in Time, which will always be the superior Kim Possible movie, if only for the adorableness that is babby!Monkey Fist. (And oh gosh they have it on YouTube. Looks like that'll be something to keep in mind for one of these upcoming summer days.)

Also tried to apply for a job today, got depressed by own inadequacies. Maybe tomorrow.

Day 05: Favourite crest. )
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"Canada tops, but America can't see him. He just thinks there's a bear floating above him while he feels things in the butt." - [ profile] hoyvinglavin64

Since HG's been getting after me to post that quote up there, I guess I might as well make an actual post. So, sorry for up and disappearing for a week like that. Finals pretty much took over my life, which I gather is a thing that happens to a lot of people, but it is still something I should apologize for. But anyway, they are over now. Turned in the last one, in true me fashion, three minutes before the 11:55 due date. :B

So I've been home for a couple days. Haven't done too much except go to club, see Yuki, and play Pokémon TCG. I've finally built (with some help, of course ♥) a deck that actually has a strategy behind it and that I can actually win with. :O The only problem is there's never anyone on Lackey who plays, so if any of you guys are into the Pokémon TCG, let me know! I need new battle partners. :B

Also, I realize this should be common sense, but if you have a Mac, do not get the trackpad wet. Seriously. I got mine wet the other day and it spazzed out at me intermittently for like an hour. And if you do happen to get it wet, the option to disable it is under System Preferences > Universal Access, not System Preferences > Trackpad. :|

Better finish up that song meme.

DAY 22: A song that someone has sung to you. )

DAY 23: A song that you cannot stand to listen to. )

DAY 24: A song that you have danced to with your best friend. )

DAY 25: A song you could listen to all day without getting tired. )

Well, we can all see how well that worked at getting me to post every day. So now I will start another one~! Yeah, yeah, I know, but hopefully without school I'll actually be able to keep up with it this time. Besides, I need to convince [ profile] birdboy2000 to do it. So here everyone, have a Digimon meme! :D

Day 01: How old were you when you first discovered Digimon? )
(List of days is here.)

Also, expect an AB con report to come... sometime. Whenever I can actually get myself to do anything. :(
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I was going to say "look at me posting all early and crap" but then I realized that just because I just woke up doesn't necessarily mean it's early. :3c So uh, I'm going to try to not be online too much today so I can focus on studying. Knowing me, this is probably not going to work all that well, but we'll see. ughhh how am i going to write three essays in five days uggghhhhhhh

Guess I should probably do the meme now huh.

DAY 21: Your favorite song. )

Also, my Firefox has been crashing every time I try to print my email, does anyone know what's up with that? It's really inconvenient. :| Luckily Safari works fine, but if anyone has any advice it would come in helpful.
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Ughh, I'm sorry for falling behind again guys. I have been not terribly smart lately and it is not fun. :c On the bright side, I did friend some particularly awesome people in the f!s friending meme. Hi there, [ profile] baka_tenshi, [ profile] judo_creature, [ profile] kyoto_idol, [ profile] margerydaw_s2, [ profile] necro_staff, [ profile] retraux, [ profile] skaiasthelimit, [ profile] tari_silmarwen, [ profile] technophile, and [ profile] theditz! Enjoy your stay. :D

Now a beliefs quiz that I took! Beliefs quiz results under the cut. :B )

Aww yiss this quiz knows me so well. :D

...I guess I should stop putting off catching up on the song meme, huh.

DAY 17: A song that makes you want to dance. )

DAY 18: A song you love but rarely listen to. )

DAY 19: The first song alphabetically in your iPod/iTunes. )

DAY 20: The last song alphabetically in your iPod/iTunes. )
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For whatever reason, I've been really obsessed with "Master of the House" over the past day. Never been very taken with Les Miz, but that song is super catchy and lends itself well to Shalom Sesame parodies. Dang. Will probably get sick of it after it is stuck in my head for a few more days, but until then I will keep watching videos of it on YouTube. :B

DAY 16: A song that has made you cry. )

Well, now I'm depressed.

Also, I keep forgetting to mention this, but a couple of friends of mine are writing a Homestuck next-gen AU and I figured some of you might like to read that sort of thing. Yeah, next-gen, I know, but they are good writers and I love the characters and y'all know I don't rec things that aren't quality. :B It is called Learning the Hard Way and it is pretty short so far, so you should read it maybe! :D
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Getting this post done early. I don't want to fall behind again.

DAY 15: A song you love singing along to. )

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Wow, dang I missed a lot of days. I was planning on catching up on Thursday, but Anime Boston ate my entire weekend. Whoops. AB was pretty spectacular, though. I had a lot of fun. Will hopefully post a con report within the next couple weeks. :D Also Passover ends in a few hours and classes end in a few days so I am feeling pretty okay right now. Just have to get through these last couple homeworks and then finals. Yosh~

I also started watching Madoka today. Yes, finally. It is good so far, but would probably be better if I did not know so many spoilers. :( Still, I like it. The characters seem pretty cool and I love the art style and I want Madoka's house. Kyubey's voice is annoying though.

*deep breath*

DAY 09: A song that makes you hopeful. )

DAY 10: A song by your favorite band. )

DAY 11: A song on the soundtrack of your favorite movie. )

DAY 12: The last song you heard. )

DAY 13: A song that reminds you of a former friend. )

DAY 14: A song that reminds you of your boyfriend/girlfriend. )
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Whoa, sorry about not updating for the past few days. On Sunday I had to catch up on all my homework that I didn't do while doing the play, and then yesterday I went home for the first night of Passover. Apparently my school has actual good Passover food, so I may starve less than usual! This is exciting. :D

The second performance went okay. We had a tougher audience and some more lines got messed up, but it was still pretty good. I just wish more people had come. :( There was, however, more concrete talk of doing this again next year, which would be so awesome. We're discussing doing As You Like It or maybe Shrew, but I'm still holding out hope for Twelfth Night. >_>

DAY 06: A song that reminds you of a best friend. )

DAY 07: A song that reminds you of the past summer. )

DAY 08: A song that reminds you of your "first love." )

And also it is getting to be about that time, so I figured I should ask you guys. Anyone else going to Anime Boston? :D
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I was going to post this before midnight but oh well.

The play went so awesome. Okay, so I entered too early one time and some stuff took too long and some lines got messed up (including the last line :P) but who cares? No one noticed. The cast was amazing and people laughed at the appropriate times and apparently one person told us they never realized R&J has so many jokes in it before, which is, y'know, a serious compliment. Anyway, the point is I had so much fun and I cannot wait to do it again tomorrow now that we actually know what we are doing. And it seems like we even have a reasonable chance of doing another play next year. ^___^

DAY 05: A song that is often stuck in your head. )
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Got back a while ago from our final rehearsal. We perform tomorrow. Maybe it's because we're an amateur troupe and expected to mess up a bit, but I'm more excited than nervous. We didn't even have full costumes and props a couple days ago, and today everyone looked great and acted great and aaaagh I don't know, it was pretty perfect. Anyway, the point is I think we should be proud of ourselves. :B

I really should be in bed by now but I thought I ought to post the next day of the song meme.

DAY 04: A song that calms you down. )
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Thanks for your replies yesterday, guys. They really did make me feel better. I'm going to try not to care so much about what other people think about this stuff. Haters gonna hate and all that. ^_^

Made a human!Fluttershy account earlier today: [ profile] sharingkindness. I doubt I'm going to ever use it for anything - mostly just wanted to take the username before someone else did - but if I ever were going to be good at RPing a character, it would probably be her. :|a So who knows. I've still got a ways to go before I'm caught up on the series anyway. Maybe someday.

Also I know most of my lines for the play now, so that is a good thing. :B

DAY 02: A song that reminds you of your most recent ex-boyfriend/girlfriend.

...Never had one of those. :|a I don't suppose anyone will mind if I skip ahead to the next day?

DAY 03: A song that reminds you of one/both of your parents. )
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Yesterday got worse, ish. I didn't have any homework for today, so I thought I would get start on my homework for tomorrow, but instead I internetted and browsed fandomsecrets all night.

The latter turned out to be not such a great decision, because according to anons there I am a pervert and a troll for being over the age of 10 and liking ponies. I'm sorry I can't control my age okay. :[ This is why I don't like internet arguments. They weren't even talking to me specifically and it still made me really depressed. I know it is a dumb thing to get depressed over, but I hate being made fun of for liking things targeted towards kids, especially when it is things like MLP which are meant to appeal to multiple ages. x_x That C.S. Lewis quote helps some, but... still.

I guess to make myself feel better I will start a 25 day song meme, which I also stole from [ profile] quadruplify because I am the master of stealing things from [ profile] quadruplify.

DAY 01: A song from your childhood. )

Me, like childish things? Completely baseless accusation.
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You guyys I'm not sure I've ever mentioned how much I love this song, but I love this song so much. Lately I'm in one of those phases where I can't stop listening to it, it is ridiculous. Now if only I knew Greek so I could sing along. :|a

Found an awesome comic called Freakangels a few days ago (which I think I'd known about once and forgotten). Read through the archives in less than a day. Very British, very post-apocalyptic, very good. And of course, excellent characters. I want to try to draw them just because of how much they would not fit with my style. :P So what I'm saying is you guys should read it. (But when reading the episodes, don't forget about the individual pages. I did when I started reading and missed quite a bit of the story before I realized. :P)

I've also been playing online Dominion basically all the time in the past few days, because life what is that. If you haven't played Dominion, it is a very fun deck-building card game. More fun in person, probably, but the online one is good too. It's also quite easy to pick up, so let me know if you want to play sometime. I am always looking for more people to rope in opponents.

Also. Much less happy about the Homestuck update than everyone else seems to be. Short spoilers. )

And, uh, apparently Doug Walker gave a shout out to Atlantis in one of his latest videos. Yay. c:

I feel like this post is pretty boring but I have nothing else to really talk about, so.

e: also why am I getting so much spam and is it okay if I start to delete it instead of just screening it
because seriously
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Okay, my current massive amount of homework is out of the way. Mostly. I still have a Japanese oral tomorrow but I am not thinking about that. D: The homework would probably not have been so bad if I had not been staying up late wasting my time on the internet instead of just doing it, but apparently that is how I roll.

Man, I hate how I roll.

Brief cut for holiday sadness )

Um. On a happier note, I'm still on a huge Sondheim kick from reading his book/watching the birthday concert last week (also amazing, btw). I've been checking out some of his plays that I didn't know previously, currently Pacific Overtures because it is educational and has some very catchy music. Also, Sab Shimono (Uncle from JCA) was in the OBC! :D He's the one in the striped shirt. (The whole thing's on YouTube, but I haven't had the time to sit down and watch it. Also it is not that great quality.)

By far my favorite song is this one. It is practically begging for a Hetalia AMV but there are a lot of reasons why that would not happen, not least being the Netherlands has like no screen time. So I'll probably just draw a picture for it or something.

Will post some memes or something next time. Maybe work on the ones I still owe. Sorry, again.


Even if you don't know me that well I'd still like it if you posted something. :)
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I promised [ profile] alacranita I'd do a post of foreign Disney song recs, so here it is. yaaaaay
Spoiler: Norwegian Tarzan rules )
Man that took a while. Also I thought I had more songs than this. :|

And, uh, look at what I found while doing this:

Looks like Japanese Fropin is canon. :B

Not much else to report. Worrying about college is taking up most of my time. Also, joined VDex. You know, that Pokémon thing. I doubt I'll keep up with it, but it's fun currently. Obligatory link to my dudes:
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So, uh. Dom Monaghan and Megan Fox beating each other up and making out in an Eminem music video. This is just kind of amazing to me. Song also contains the excellent line "Now you get to watch her leave out the window, guess that's why they call it window pane." Mr. Mathers how did I even survive the past few years without your music.
yes I like Eminem shut up

Also it seems like these Hunger Games books everyone's talking about are written by the lady who did the Underland Chronicles, whose name I'd shamefully forgotten. (Suzanne Collins.) Those books were super cool and underappreciated. I may have to read her new thing now.

Umm. I finally drew that genderswap. It was bad. Not much else to talk about. Maybe I do need to start up another 30 day meme. OTL

EDIT: Oh wait, Pokémon update. Got to Indigo Plateau, benched my Jynx, caught a Heracross instead. Am currently level-grinding and rock-smashing. It's slow work. I'll get there one of these days.

Day 15

Jul. 24th, 2010 05:15 pm
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15. Character you’d want to cook for you )

Yesterday I was listening to Disney songs in languages, but mostly Icelandic. Today it is languages, but mostly Dutch. Here are a couple good ones I found: Recs and commentary! )

Maybe sometime I should do a post of foreign Disney recs, like my one of YTP recs. I'm sure anyone would read it.
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I suppose I should do some kind of year-end post. All the cool kids are doing it. Um, I liked 2009 a lot. It was probably one of my favorite years that happened to me. So let's hope 2010 will be even better! :D

Fandom year-end meme )
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Speaking of Disney movies (we were doing that, right?): I know I'm a loser who only saw about four* of them during her childhood proper, and it's really sad that it took me until yesterday to watch The Hunchback of Notre Dame. But dang, that is a good movie. I think it just elbowed its way right in there under The Lion King as one of my favorite Disney movies. I mean, the music alone is excellent, but then you add in the characters and the plot and everything, and, wow. Suffice it to say that it's becoming my latest short-term obsession. And I need to acquire the soundtrack. OF COURSE I DON'T NEED TO TELL YOU GUYS THIS STUFF THOUGH BECAUSE YOU ALL HAD NORMAL CHILDHOODS. 8D (Although I have no idea how this movie got away with a G rating. IMO some of the stuff it deals with really isn't for kids. Which, y'know, is part of why I like it. But anyway.)

* Three if you don't count The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh as an actual movie.

Also, since I may not get a chance to post something later, I'm leaving again tomorrow for vacation. I'll be back next Tuesday. And then school starts. =_=

P.S. Apparently in Japanese, the @ sign is known as "naruto". This should not be so funny.


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